Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I love reading people's comments.  Therefore, I have decided to pick a comment each Thrusday to post.

Of course this will fall FLAT if you guys aren't making comments!

I'm sorry,
I'm deaf!
TODAY'S PICK:  To #19 Patty said...Love it. I've done something like this before when I lived in Dallas. Here we go... 

Well, I was running late and needed to pick up something at the grocery store. Of course, it was packed, hot as hell out side and I couldn't find a parking spot. So, there were 20-something handicapped spots available. I was nervous to do this, but I was late! So as I got out of my car and rounded the back of it, some lady starts yelling at me that I don't have a handicap sticker and that I don't look handicapped. 

So, when my mouth opened I started talking like a deaf person and said, in a very muffled voice, "I'm sorry, I'm deaf and couldn't read your lips. Can you please stand in front of me and repeat what you said?". 

Needless to say she was speechless and just walked off. So, I ran quickly into the store, got what I needed and got the heck out of there. Lesson learned...don't park in the handicapped section unless you're really quick with comebacks!

I can't believe you did this!  What if she had called your bluff?

kt 2011