Saturday, February 12, 2011



I promised to reveal the truth today to the 4 lies and a truth meme.
  1. Yes, there was a worm laboratory just west of south/east of Stockton.  No, we didn't even go in! 
  2. Yes, I have been in several car accidents but only (if I dare use that word) seven.  I did total five different cars, and on that fateful August day I did almost die.
  3. Yes, my father did meet Harry, and my grandmother did cook for Pendergst, and the guard did call Harry Ass Truman.  SO THIS IS THE 100% TRUE ONE.
  4. Yes, I save my toenail clippings IN THE TRASH CAN.  This one almost grossed me out writing it.
  5. Yes, I had a pot-bellied pig for about 3 days.  I rescued her from the middle of the road and then put an add in the paper.  Her owner came to pick her up and you should have seen the two rushing to greet each other (like two lovers running into each others arms(?).  Any way the pig's name was Ariel (and that ungrateful porker bit me on the ankle three times.  One more bite and she would have been renamed Bacon).