Friday, November 5, 2010

#33- "WILD HAIRS' [politics]

So, which way is my WIND blowing today?

The other day I posted the following [in pieces] on my FB.  I posted it there because I am a BIG CHICKEN and only my family and friends are on my FB.  I guess I question the fact of anyone being interested enough to read any of my opinions.  So, just in case I am right I will title these as “WILD HAIRS” [with subject and "the bird"] each time I am inclined to vent.  That way you can choose to read it or not.  If this bombs, then it is George’s fault [honestly thanks for the encouragement, George].

Well, if you know me, you must realize that I voted a straight Democratic ticket and I am in FULL support of Obama's efforts. No, he IS NOT Muslim [AND I AM TIRED OF RUMOR MILLS MUDDYING THE WATERS, and the Americans who believe it].  Yes, he is tackling issues that are unpopular, but they are issues the American people, themselves, brought up. We were warned that the last administration left us in a precarious position and it was going to be a hard struggle to get out of it.

Unfortunately, we fickle humans want immediate gratification and blame Obama for the pickle we are in. NO, THIS HAS BEEN LOOMING ON THE HORIZON FOR YEARS, and WE THE PEOPLE expect him to work a MIRACLE! Are we stupid or what?

You want to know who I blame? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.  I blame the American people and their complacency, [self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies], their desire to have two chickens in every pot and 2-4 SUVs in ever garage. I blame the American businessmen who want it all and don’t care who they cheat to get it.

I believe that individuals like those who orchestrated the Enron scandal, the Madoffs and their kind, and the unscrupulous bankers who seriously injured our economy should be treated like terrorists. They should be charged with treason. After all they did seriously, deliberately, and in secret wound our economy.

We, the American voters need to insist on an amendment that terminates the rights of enemies of the state [of course with strong guidelines].  Woops, do I want our government to have that much power?  Mannnnnn this is so complicated!] 

And, while I am on my soapbox. WHY are people allowed to hold protests at funerals [i.e.: service men who have died]? I know, I know! those amendments that protect us all [miscreants included].  Well, seems to me, there has to be a way to at least stop THIS madness! Write your congressman! (SURE, that’ll work!].