Saturday, January 22, 2011


Recently I put together two stories that I wrote for two of my other grandchildren.  And, it suddenly occurred to me that I should start another blog onto which I could post my grandchildren's stories (1st and 3rd graders).  WHAT! Am I nuts?

I wrote Shay's first (Shay and Logan's Little Yellow Duck Story by Grammy) and then I wrote Logan's (Logan and Shay's Little Green Frog Story by Grammy).  Since I illustrated (well tried anyway) them myself these stories (even though short) have taken me a couple of years.  But, the kids have seen and been read the rough drafts.

I searched everywhere for someplace to publish just 2 copies of both stories.  Well, I found out that I can't afford even a small publishing group so I resorted to having them professionally copied and placed them in a presentation packet.  I promised they would have their books by this Christmas 2010 (and I managed to keep that promise).

Then it hit me, I could also publish them on a blog!  That way the stories would be there for them any time they wanted.  I don't want to clutter up this blog with several pages of children's stories, ergo START A NEW BLOG.  That way, maybe, I could type up the one I wrote for my own children many years ago.  I could also write other stories for my grandkids.  SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!.......10 seconds lapsed......Thought about it.......and decided to go for it.

Six days have now lapsed…..been burning up the computer managing current blog… pull back and wait.  Maybe tomorrow!

What do you think?  Go for it......or.......hold off?
kt 2011