Thursday, November 11, 2010


 I can't believe that I am getting so excited about this blogging thing!  Ok, I know the excitement will wear off after all look how excited I was about YoVille.  I used to get up in the middle of the night and go on
YoVille to get stuff you could do every 3-6 hours.  

The first week I though it was a simulated game even though the avatars were talking to each other.  Then one day I asked one of the avatars if they were real.  This caused the avatar to crack up, literally (how they did that I don't know, but it actually broke into pieces). 

Then, realizing, these were real people like me, I (or rather my avatar) started talking to them, playing games with them, and putting them on my YoVille list of "buddies".  I even pleaded with relatives to join so I could get more coins (I'm sure you know the drill).  Finally, I resorted to deception so I could get more STUFF.  I talked my son into giving me his FB password, set him up in a cabin, and sent myself presents.   I finally quit interacting with the avatars when one followed me to my apartment and propositioned me (well, kind of).  He asked me if I wanted to "lay down" with him.  Having just learned how to CRACK UP I did that, and immediately deleted him.  Now I only go on to get the daily coins in case I actually decide to go back (to my 5 room, 2 bath apartment AND my 5 room cabin.....fully decorated).

I was becoming obsessed with YoVille.  The obsession lasted until I discovered FarmTown (My friend Samantha's fault...she needed a neighbor)."  Then came FarmVille (my cousin Theresa's fault....needed a neighbor) and it lasted until I discovered FrontierVille (cousin Theresa again).  Somewhere in in the middle of all of these I ventured onto  Happy Aquarium, PetVille (my granddaughter's fault....she needed ....well you know), Back Yard Monsters and even MIFIA WARS GAME (this was my grandson's fault....he needed accomplices....who better than grandma).

At one point I was trying to maintain them all.  I was the friggin energizer bunny of FaceBook!  

WHERE WAS I?  Oh, yeah, blogging.  Thanks to my wonderful daughter,  and my friend George (thanks Cathy for suggesting George), my attentions have been turned to a more productive activity.  Now I am "repossessed" (so to speak) and enjoying it a heck of a lot more.