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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Two people I don't know actually commented on my last blog (Hi, Nicki and Apple).  Also, it looks like one of my readers from Russia is back,( Привет).  I hope that is Hi in Russian and not eat worms or something like that. 

This has caused me to reevaluate my schedule of weekly posts.  Since I have 10 ready and waiting on deck at blogspot, 9 in final draft stage,  5 in first draft stage and  50 on my idea list, maybe I can be less cautious and start posting more often (like the blog articles suggest).  

Actually, I am SCARED that I will run out of things to write about.  What am I thinking....this is me....I have an ice cream dish, a coffey cup, and a statue that were given to me by different friends; and they all have some version of "Drama Queen" written on them.  I am known for my pension to being accident prone.  I often jump into things before I think (OK, Patty [my daughter] the word should be usually not often).  In fact I was just writing up something about today which has to do with my close relation ship (?) with fire.and I saw the 2 NEW comments! 

One of the problems is that I can't spell worth a darn.  If the spell checker were human and had hands to throw up into the air.....well, you get the jist.  Also, I am not a conventional writer.  I tend to ramble on (Yes, Patty, I hear you) and incorporate too many ideas.

But, I have decided to "Leap into the breach," (what ever that is) and throw caution to the wind (and that is two too many sayings) so I need to get on with it.  Tomorrow I will post what I was going to post today when I got excited about the 2 new comments (Yes, Patty I saw yours; and thanks for the encouragement).

Oh, I almost forgot, for "my relationship with fire" check out blogs #20, 29, and # 32.

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