Thursday, February 3, 2011


On Saturday, January 29th I told of an event that could have been true, partially true or a total fabrication and asked you guys to guess which label would be correct.
This is what I found in my comment section:

I'm not eating that!
The last one tasted like
cat  $#*!
1)  You silly girl - partially true!
By clenna on #114-AND I QUOTE: “Eweuuuuuuu!” at 6:20 AM
Now, Clenna knows me real well.  She is one of my first followers.
So, what part isn't true?  The cat was actually a frog?  The rubber tree plant was a ficus?  Hummmmmm...

Woah, kt, you're
headed the wrong way!

2)  I put my rusty penny on true for Win. False for Place ....and True for Show!
By The Desert Rocks on #114-AND I QUOTE: “Eweuuuuuuu!” at 10:26 AM
Well, now, spoken by a true gambler.  Spread the risk out.

3)  With my crazy life I totally believe this. Am I gullible or what?
By Bodacious Boomer on #114-AND I QUOTE: “Eweuuuuuuu!” at 4:50 PM
I read this lady's blog and mannn, this could have happened to her!

4)  Pssssst.. You lie and I'll swear to it! LOL
Dang, I forgot that you were back there with the rubber tree plant (or was it a ficus).
I have NEVER seen a splinter
like this!  Have you

5)  I'm thinking partially true.
By Chief aka Dad on #114-AND I QUOTE: “Eweuuuuuuu!” at 7:14 PM
Hummmmm, interesting.  Straddling the fence.  Watch out for the splinters!   

6)  Partially true? Funny story!! Have a good week!
Another fence straddler....So, would this be called a splinter group?

7)  ... ... ...Now, you asked a couple of questions veiled neatly as one. I'll do my best to respond... Is the story TRUE? Yep! Is the story PARTIALLY TRUE? Yep! Is the story TOTAL FABRICATION? Yep! Good, covered all possible options there, so I'm pretty sure I'll get at least ONE of them right, when you score our comments ;) Clearly, the TEACHER has not retired! Great story, by the way - some positively hilarious descriptions!

Ok, as a teacher I would say that this is "cheating!"  BLLAGGHT (that is the sound of a buzzer).  Wrong!

(When I was a kid I got away with this once.  The teacher used a cover sheet with holes punched over the correct letter.  If one filled in all choices, of course it looked like you picked the correct one.  However, like an idiot I told other kids and several others started doing it.  Didn't take her long to figure it out.)

8)  Since you seem to have the same luck as me, I am guessing that this is at least partially true. The part that would be hard for me to believe, is the cat peeing in the plant thing. Oh, I believe it would do it, but if it was me, the cat, roommate or both would have disappeared after the second incident

Believe me we (the other 2 and myself) wanted to toss them both out, but it was only for a semester and it WAS my plant (besides she did all the cooking).  As for your choice of partially true, shame on you!  You have been reading my blog long enough to know that goofy stuff always happens to me!

9)  Partially true...but to the post-er cat sometimes pees on one of our big houseplants! And I allow it cuz I don't know how to stop her, and it's only the one plant so that corner of the house smells like pee. I tried putting up barriers, like a sheet of bubble wrap on the plant etc. but it didn't stop her!

Now, that's a safe guess.  But you don't get the prize on this one (INSIDE JOKE). Cats are sneaky and determined animals.  It is hard to discourage them once they claim there territory.  Have you tried mothballs, small cactus plants, a gun?    Sorry, I didn't explain clearly.  I used a water gun to discourage my cat from tearing up the back of her favorite chair,and it worked).

The story about the accident with the rubber tree plant on the back seat of the car is TRUE. I did embellish a little when I added the rumors of a rubber tree plant growing along that highway.  So, before I declare a winner I must decide if an "embellishment" is considered a lie.  
According to Webster's definition of embellish:
1.  to make beautiful with ornamentation: DECORATE as in embellished with illustrations;
2.  to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details: ENHANCE as in 
                     embellished our account of the trip.

I don't see the words "lie" or "untrue" in there anywhere.  So this story is true.  We will try this again sometime.  Congratulations Desert Rocks and Bodacious Boomer, you win the prize.  Go to your nearest florist and tell them that they owe you a rubber tree plant.  (Or was it a Ficus?)  They have several like this way out back.

I did manage to get her home and plant her in the flower bed in my back yard.  She grew into a gigantic, beautiful tree-like plant over 7 feet tall.  

Nawh! That is 100% lie!  We left the poor thing in the demolished car.  I'm sorry, just couldn't help myself!