Monday, July 4, 2011


One fourth of July (I think it was the summer after my son's 7th grade year) he had his first real supply of fireworks (they didn't allow personal use where we lived in California).  He was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  He emptied his entire supply of firecrackers into a pouch which, at one time, contained an old WWII gas mask.  It was perfect for his purpose (easy to reach, light then toss).  I cautioned him, had him do a few practice lights for me, and then let his do his thing.  He had a small punk and started his small imaginary war.

Watching from the window I watched him warm up until his skills gradually became like an infantry soldier lobbing grenades into the hoards of approaching enemy.  He ended up making a stand on the front porch and then something happened.  I was keeping an eye on him since this was his first real experience with firecrackers and I suddenly heard his yell, "NO!  OH, NO!" and then a whole battery of explosions started filling the air.

Firecracker_jumps.gif - (10K)When I quickly stepped out the front door I saw my son's ammunition pouch bounding all over the place as multiple little explosions erupted inside the bag.  My son was jumping around like he was lead dancer in Lord of the Dance, and the bag seemed to be attacking him.

The explosive dance didn't last very long as several were going off at the same time.  In less that a minute the chaos subsided and the pouch died a pitiful death on the cement floor with more holes than Swiss cheese.  My son dejectedly flopped down beside the smoking pouch and looked up at me with the most pitiful look I have ever seen.  "Mom!" he said, "That was my entire supply of firecrackers.  They were supposed to last for days."

When I asked what happened he said that he was holding the punk close to the pouch so he could light the fuzes fast, when the end of the punk broke off and fell into the bag.  He went on to say, "I thought I was dead meat because I couldn't get the bag from around my neck fast enough."

This was our first year in Missouri and money was tight since I quit my good job to move my children out of LA.  But, I managed to come up with enough to buy another smaller supply, knowing that my son learned a valuable lesson.   I was thankful that he still had his head and all his fingers......... HERE'S HOPING YOU KEEP YOURS TOO!...........

SEE YOU NEXT MONDAY......for "AN UNLIKELY HERO"  kt  6/23/11

(change in plans, next week is about something that happened today... ...



  1. lol I remember my brothers having similar incidents. We were poor as church mice also so we didn't get many fireworks but man what a hoot watching them jump around like lunatics. I guess the difference here is I was there sister so it was funny and you were the mom and felt bad for your boy.

  2. Have a great celebration stay funny and stay safe!

  3. Kids will be kids. He was lucky. Those things are dangerous. My nephew nearly poked his eye out one day. Have a happy 4th!!

  4. Haha! I can imagine the mock battle he was having before everything went awry! I am a horrible person, I let the neighbor kids do all the dangerous stuff and safely watch with my kids from the porch.

  5. Good warning. My husband's uncle lost an arm and an eye with explosives he played with as a child.
    His handicap however, turned him into a very kind grown up though and he became the mayor of his town.

  6. The older I get, the more anti I become in regard to fireworks. I always feel concerned for all the animals and besides that, it just seems to be a huge waste of money with millions upon millions being lit around the world. As I told April, I'm probably just a cynic!

    I do hope you've had an enjoyable day, Karen...restful, I hope!

  7. I absolutely LOVE fireworks! I've told my husband that if he ever has to hold a memorial service for me (although I'm currently planning on NEVER dying) that I want fireworks. That would celebrate my life better than any service in a mausoleum.

    Have a great Fourth!

  8. EEEGADS!! that is scary and I'm certain he did learn a valuable lesson :) My brother learned one of those as well when one exploded in his fingers; luckily he didn't lose one but he did learn!

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend...take good care!!

  9. You sound like the coolest mom - letting him light firecrackers despite the risk of fingers, and giving him the knowledge that can only come from scaring the crap out of yourself...which by the way, I thought might be your topic based on the title...

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  11. I could not pull up OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that I couldn't open your post. Has anyone else had a problem?

  12. Sorry Fishducky...That is what I have termed C. R. A. P. Computer Related Attacks by Poltergeists). You see, for some reason only known to the internal workings of the program or the computer, things don't go as planed by we MERE humans. I was working on a story for my daughter's birthday and the darned thing posted accidentally. Then I had to re-save it as a draft which yanks it off my post but still leaves the teaser on the dashboard. Maybe it is because I am basically a computer idiot that these things happen, but I prefer to blame it on C.R.A.P. KT

  13. Thanks--I understand CRAP. Any chance of reading SHOOTS & LADDERS or AN UNLIKELY HERO? I couldn't get those, either.

  14. Shoots and Ladders is scheduled for 7/18,
    Unlikely Hero is scheduled for 7/25,
    but, the one you don't want to miss is scheduled
    for 8/29. It is my favorite story that I have yet to tell......Thanks for your interest.......kt

  15. You're looking radiant in your photo, KT! :-)

    Apparently, I'm no longer going to pursue my medical career. I will be exploring other options. I don't know if that's a brave thing to do, but I was just honest to myself that I was no longer happy with such a stressful life. I'm looking for a career that is simple, yet fulfilling at the same time.

    Thank you so much for your prayers! God bless! :-)


  16. You are so awesome and witty. I LOVE the way you describe things :0)

  17. Woman I think you may be my long lost mother or something. I don't know how many times Desiree has said yo and I are twins. It may be so..

  18. Your post hit close to home for THIS 4th of July! I was happily observing my sons and nephews blow off the fireworks at the annual July 4th celebration. An errant shooting missile landed, burning at possibly 3000 degrees C, on my arm! I'm still in pain from it! I'll never look at fireworks in the same casual manner I once did!

  19. I'm like Desiree - I really don't like fireworks any more. Gone are the days when I would ooh and aaah at them. The only popping I like now is the sound of a champagne cork!
    Just dropped by to see if all was okay. Hope your Dad is alright.
    Warmest wishes
    Facing 50 with humour

  20. At least he was okay! Safety is so important when dealing with fireworks, as they can be extremely dangerous.

    I hope you are doing okay!! I've been praying for you! Living with family/having family live with you can be really hectic, and crazy at times!!

    I hope your father is doing better, and I look forward to reading your next post!!!

    Have a fantastic week!