Thursday, December 16, 2010


I love reading people's comments.  Therefore, I have decided to pick a comment each Thrusday to post.

Of course this will fall FLAT if you guys aren't making comments!

TODAY'S PICK:  To #22 April said...

"Wow! You are accident prone, but maybe it is all that home improvement. If you were lazy and cheap like me you would only have to worry about duct tape injuries!"

Ok,  is it DUCK tape or DUCT tape?
Or is it the duck, is duct taped?

THINK ABOUT IT!  CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL THE TROUBLE I HAVE GOTTEN INTO WITH DUCK/DUCT TAPE?   Once I duct taped the front doors of a car together so they wouldn't open.  All I had to do was to run duct tape trough the arm rest of the right door (back in the days there was an opening in them) then go to the left door and do the same.  Next join the tape up in the middle.  Slip out the back door and voila'!  When the person tries to open the door it won't budge far.  This messes with their mind for a while (and in this case elicited some interesting words).  Finally, they figured out what had been done and got in through the back door.  Yep, guilty of a practical joke on a friend who had played one on me the week before.

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