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Tuesday, January 18, 2011



My Uncle David used to accuse me of having verbal diarrhea.   However accurate it may be, it is not something one can put on a resume, smile and point to.  Uncle David has suggested taping my mouth shut several times over the years.

If I wanted to be sure my students or children did what I asked I simply said, “ Do you want to...bla… bla,…bla…or get a lecture from me?” They ALWAYS chose what ever it was I wanted them to do.  They hated my LONG lectures.

I don’t know if it is a gift or a burden but it is who I am.   I wasn’t on the debate team because that caused serious research and mental acuity.  No, I was in DRAMA club and I guess that is why my life is ALWAYS filled with DRAMA. 

Having a voice that can carry to the back of an auditorium is another one of my verbal gifts.  I can thank my college drama teacher for that.  “Prooooject, Karen, Prooooject!” was what he would continually shout.  I was in a couple of plays, liked it, but couldn’t pick up my cues.  I would get so involved with what was going on around me (darned ole ADHD again see blog #29) that I would usually be startled into my line by a kick, pinch, or shove.  Therefore, I was always in comedies where the prompts of cast members usually drew  laughs.   

It is here that I learned I liked to laugh and liked making people laugh.  That launched me into a life time of telling my "little tales" to my friends and family. And, here I am today telling these stories to you.