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Saturday, February 5, 2011


OK, THINK I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WONDERING.  "What the heck is this?  There's no blog hop button so it can't be a hop (which is exactly what I thought when I copied the questions off of, Tuesday the 25th)  By the time I finally realized it wasn't I had already answered the questions. they are:
1. Do you decorate for Valentine's day ?
No, but I have been known to get up in church and (jokingly) chastise the minister for not finding me a husband so I can go to their Valentine’s dinner.  Everyone knows what’s coming when I raise my hand and stand.  It is becoming an annual “thing.”  (You see, I have been divorced for 40 years and apparently it will require divine intervention for me to ever marry again).  100% TRUE
2. Does your desktop have a picture or computer graphic? Is it organized?
a) Picture, and here it is: (I wanted to put a picture of me doing this but I fell asleep as I was trying to get my butt up into the air.)
b)… … … Ahhhhh…about as organized as my brain!  (Remember I have been gifted with ADHD!)
3. Do you use a paper planner, electric planner or no planner at all?
Paper, and I actually have 4.  One is the calendar planner in my purse.  The second is also a calendar planner sitting on the dinner table. The third is another calendar planner with my blog schedule on it.  The fourth is LOST somewhere!  And, since it has been lost for some time I can't remember what I was planning on it!
4. Do you change purses or bags often or stick with a good thing?
I change mine 2 times a year.  I have my black fall/winter purse and my splashy spring/summer purse.  My paternal grandmother used to change hers once a year.  She would keep all papers, receipts etc. in her purse and then at the end of a year she would file it on her closet shelf and buy another one.  Cool system!  She didn’t even need to date her purses because she remembered each purse and lined them up in order.  Her name was Gracie and I still miss her.  She was a HOOT and I am pleased that some of our relatives think I take after her.
5. What's your favorite Youtube video?
That’s easy.  I posted it one time…and here it is again!

This is so much fun...I just recently learned how to imbed stuff.  (Don't tell me that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  I learning something new every day.  Unfortunately, I often forget it!)
6. Do you use Turbo Tax or a real person to pay your taxes?
Come on now, what do you think?  A real person.  If you have read ANY of my blogs you should have been able to answer this one for me, yourself.
7. How many states have you set foot or tire in? Which ones?
All… … … and to make sure that is a TRUE statement I just threw down a US map and stomped all over it!
8. How many countries have you been in ? Which ones?
Does Tijuana count?  OK, then 1
9. How many pillows are in your house? Sleeping or decorative.
Enough to host a WORLD CLASS pillow fight….any takers?
10. How cold is too cold for flip flops?
Don’t flip but I flop now and again…..Oh, you were referring to the shoes….don’t wear em.
(Re: "flops" See my February 4th birthday blog and you'll get it.)

This was interesting....too bad it wasn't a blog hop.  But, I don't like those things anyway because they make me jump through too many hoops (and I don't jump a s well as I used to).  I don't want to follow someone just because it IS ONE OF THE RULES.  I just want to find some like minded readers and follow some of the funnier ones. already takes me 2-3 hours a day to go through and comment on the ones I do follow (When I say I'll follow then I do).  I did find a blogger that had daily hops without the usual requirements.  Did it once....loved the freedom and then I LOST HER HOP ADDRESS.....Mannnnnnn (its probably written on that planner I lost).  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Now I have to go to my blog planner and figure out where to put this... ... ... Awhhhh, can't find that danged planner. the DRAFT bucket you go!  Speaking of draft....Is anyone else cold besides me?  What a winter!  (Sorry, ADHD mind at work again!)
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