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Monday, November 15, 2010


When my daughter was about 3 years old (1969) her brother and I were living with my Mom and,Dad.  They had a nice modern home with a fantastic covered patio where my children loved to play.

The family next door had a boy the same age as my daughter and he often came over to play (and visa versa)

Patty had just received a doctor’ kit for her birthday.  Complete with a bag fully loaded with everything a child might need to doctor a doll or stuffed animal (wait         for            it).

The scene was more than cute.  She and her little playmate had a whole bunch of toy patients lined up to see the doctor.  My mom and I were sitting at a table just inside the sliding doors to the patio.  We were enjoying watching the cute antics of the VERY serious interns.

Mom and I observed a short conversation between the two of them.  Then suddenly the boy turned around and my daughter pushed him face down, over a bench.   Then before we knew what was happening she grabbed the kid’s pants and jerked them down.  In her right hand was a plastic thermometer that came with the kit (and she was getting ready to DRIVE IT HOME!).

Mom and I jumped up in tandem and yelled, “NO!”
Out the door we ran almost falling over each other.  We managed to get to her before the DEED WAS DONE.  We change their direction of play and move them on to other games.  Phew, disaster averted for another day!  Thank God it wasn’t a real thermometer.

That girl was quite a challenge and I loved every minute of it!