Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#197 - OK.....Here's the deal!....

OK.....Here's the deal!....

My life has gotten so complicated that I can not keep up with my blog.

You all know that I take care of my 100 year old father.  However, he is starting to decline fast and is requiring more attention.

Also, most of you know about my granddaughter and the challenges she has brought into my life.

Then there is the fact that it is summer and there is so much outdoor work that has to be done that I am up to my eyebrows (literally) with weeds and the like.

Plus, I am trying to regularly attend a weekly school for Toby, my dog.

Even though I have tried to give up cooking, eating and sleeping but can't seem to do it sooooooooo...
I am cutting back some more.

I WILL ONLY BE POSTING ORIGINAL PIECES, EACH MONDAY.  Hopefully things will slow down in the fall.  Please stay with me.  In July it will be a year since I started this blog and I would like to still have one by next July.           kt