Friday, November 19, 2010

#46-TODAY'S PICK (Reader's comments) clenna


TO #44 clenna said…
"These words are so funny - imagine trying to create a poem with, say, 8 of them. And the poem has to have words that rhyme!"

Sounds like a challange to me!  Have at it!  Bet you can't do it!  Post you attempt on comments.

(private joke between Clenna and me)



Apparently I am going to have to wash dishes every hour!  Bummer!
You see, when I am washing dishes all sorts of blog ideas pop into my head. 

However, this creates a problem.  Wet, soapy hands are not conducive to grabbing a pen and jotting down notes on paper. 

For example, the other day, no less than 15 ideas popped into my head while I was cleaning up after my PIE fiasco (see blog #35).  By the time I dried off my hands, grabbed a pen and paper, the idea(s) were gone!

So, a brilliant thought prompted me to trot (I don’t run anymore, another story….WOW! another blog subject) to my room to find my old mini recorder I used to plan lessons (on my fifty-four minute drive to  school…and I have a doozie of a story about one of those drives…Wow! Another blog).  I haven’t used that recorder for 3 years and the batteries were still good (yep, I use those energizer bunnies).

I ran a check and then started to place the small device on the shelf above the sink.  After almost dropping the darned thing into the dishpan, I admonished myself to be more careful.  Just because I am doing a simple choir does not mean that it in not RIPE with all kinds of possibilities, considering my history (see MOST of my blog).

After making sure the recorder was secure I returned to washing dishes.  Guess what?  My brain got quiet, and this is not a usual thing.  In fact it was down right spooky!  I told you about my ADHD (see blog #29) and how my mind is always racing.  In fact this, for me, was VERY spooky.

I washed dishes for about 10 minutes and I had the equal number of minutes of dead silence.  OK, I guess I will have to go back to soggy paper notes.  OK, so. are you ready for it?  I reached for the recorder, fumbled it, and it plopped directly into the pile of dirty dishes soaking in the dishpan.

This time instead of grabbing a pen and paper I grabbed a towel and trotted to my computer to type out my new post. 

The tape recorder, batteries, and mini tape are now drying on the heater vent………Hummmm.  Wonder how much I could get for it at a tag (garage) sale?