Monday, March 5, 2012


When my children and I first moved to a small town in Missouri (the end of the world, according to my children) we decided to have all of the animals around us that we could not have while living in the city.  First we set up a coop and filled it with chickens.  Next we decided to have ducks.  I swear, they are the nastiness, dirtiest, and stupidest animals I have ever had the misfortune to own.
Animated Duck walking in rain

Big beak

We set up a kiddy pool (you know the kind with the hard metal shell and a plastic liner) and we put them up in the chicken coop each night.  We assumed that, eventually,they would put themselves away at night like the chickens.  NOPE!  They plopped themselves down right where they stood when it got dark.  This became a real pain (for us and the ducks) because my kids and I would have to run around in the dark looking for them.  Often we found them the hard way (when they squawked after being stepped on).  They never learned.  I found this to be incredibly stupid since there were all kinds of animals around that would enjoy a nice duck feast.  
Duck eats fish

We did have fun with those ducks (Daffy and Doris).  We even purchased fish to turn loose in the pool so we could watch them dive for them.  However, one afternoon the sky clouded over quickly, as it often does in Missouri, and, without a doubt, we were about to have a severe storm.

The INTELLIGENT chickens had already noticed the impending danger and had quickly headed for their coop.  But, not the ducks, no, THEY WERE STILL SWIMMING IN THEIR POOL!  My son, Gene, and I tried to get them out of the pool, but they would just gaily swim out of our reach as if it was some kind of game.  
The thunder and lightening began to make an ominous approach.  Each time the lightening would flash those STUPID ducks would dive under the water to escape (DUH!).  I began yelling, "YOU STUPID  DUCKS GET OUT OF THE WATER BEFORE YOU GET FRIED!"  At this, I stepped into the pool, and scooped the ducks up in my arms.

That is when my 12 year old son put his hands on his hips and calmly said, over the rumble in the sky,  "MOM, NOW WHO'S THE STUPID ONE?"

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