Monday, January 31, 2011


A month ago when I was first pulling together my birthday blog I started on an interesting and frustrating cyber adventure.  All I wanted to do was add a song to the piece.   First I tried to add it to my original piece.  You know something SOFTLY playing in the background as people stroll through my life. 

Well, it became a nightmare!
The first attempt was in the middle of the night as I struggled to understand the instructions (instructions I might add, written by someone who did not have in mind the type of techno-idiot trying to follow said "techno geek" type instructions).  Finally, I clicked on a button that sent an UGLY “RED” PLAYER to the TOP of my birthday segment.  It was awful!  And it had absolutely NO songs on the play list.  I struggled until 2 in the morning and finally got the darned thing off (only I didn’t write down any of the things I did).   
Then,  January 25th I was trying again.  Stubborn?  Who me?  You bet your sweet “bippy” I am!  Determined to succeed I plunged headlong down the path to madness again.  The results were much the same.  Only I failed to understand that I had only put the player on a single new page not on my entire blog as a gadget (which. like an idiot, was my original intention).  
Again,  I worked for hours, on into the wee hours of the morning, and could not get the thing off my blog.  I started making comments on my own blog so my followers would understand what was happening.  My eyes were red (and so was my rear I'm sure)!
Couldn't find a clip art on red rears (that I could post anyway).


H E L P! I’ve tried everything. That's what I get for messing around with something I know nothing about.
By Out of My Mind on Listen to Eveything Happens To Me on 1/26/1

I went to design and it doesn't even show up. I DON'T WANT IT HERE! Awh, mannnnnnn!

When I went to my blog the next morning this is what I found:
I thought this was a new post, but then I saw your comments haha!

But more to the point this next one made me crack up:
Remove the post ? maybe? By M on Listen to Eveything Happens To Me on 1/26/11

Well, DUH! What a Maroon!  I was so sure that I had posted the entire thing on my entire blog that I never thought to pop in and delete the darned thing in the first place.  So that is what I did.

"Now, THAT was fun!  Did
you see her face when she discovered
what we did?  Talk about lol!
But, here is the more interesting part. Everything Happens To Me, was not on my play list.  HONEST!  And the word Everything was spelled without an "r"  (it is spelled right on the playlist site).  So, I’m, thinking it’s that old Computer Related Attacks by Poltergeists (C.R.A.P.) again!

Now, dare I try again? You bet!

kt 2/2011