Wednesday, April 27, 2011


You all know that I take care of my 100 year old dad 24/7/365.  Well, recently I went to God in payer and asked him for help.  "You see, God", I said, "I have done this for five years,  and I need help."  Now, this is where I made my mistake.  I didn't specify what kind of help I needed.  I figured, heck, it's God, He should know.   Well, He probably does, however, after Wednesday (4/6/11) I am wondering what his PLAN is.


Early last fall, my 32 year old granddaughter (daughter of my son's wife by a previous marriage) had to leave her husband.  This granddaughter has had so many problems that I can't begin to discuss them here, however, she had turned her life round.  BUT,  her husband hadn't turned his life around and this fall he was arrested AGAIN for a drug related charge.  My granddaughter, having had enough, moved out.  Only, she didn't make enough money to support herself and her two children (boys 4 and 5).  So, she arranged to move in with a friend (6 hours away from where she was living).  On her way to her friends (to check out the situation) her car broke down about 20 miles from her destination.

Imagine a Toyota Rav 4
filled to capacity inside,
with stuff tied on top.
She had no way to get back to her home, no money to fix her car, and she had dropped her children off at her mothers on the way up.   The rest of this is a long and confusing but it boils down to she lost her job, her mom and I had to take care of her kids, she was evicted for abandoning her rental, I had to drive 4 hrs round trip (nine times) to pack up her personal belongings (because they were going to throw it all out on the street).  Then I had to take her necessities and her children to her 4.5 hours to the north.

Ok, there she is up north and all seems OK.  She met a nice man and everything was going great for a while.  They were actually talking about getting married when it all fell apart.  So at 10:30AM,  Wednesday (4/6/11), I get a call from my granddaughter.  "Grandma, Brian and I broke up, I can't find a job up here and I'm coming home."  She went on to say, "You know that Mom and Dad have the house all torn up renovating and we can't stay there.  Can we move in with you?"

I was speechless and it took me a few minutes to regain my composure after an immediate flashback of the last time the boys stayed with me.  She apparently didn't notice the noise of my head crashing against the wall of my den as I tried to beat some sense into my brain before the word YES popped out of my mouth.  But, the tactic didn't work and soon I was saying OK.......

"Great!" replied my granddaughter, "The boys and I will be coming down tonight pulling a trailer full of my stuff."  Yep, she was bringing back all that STUFF that I had just taken up there only a few months ago; and it was going into my garage with the rest of her STUFF that is still in there.  "Oh," she said, "we are also bringing our pets."  My eyes snapped open, my jaw went slack, and I went into a semi conscious state that animals slip into when they have experienced trauma.  In my brain somewhere I could hear her say, "We have a parakeet, but we used to have two.  We gave the other one away."
(Good tactic, made it sound like I was getting a great deal because she ONLY HAD ONE!)  Then my brain picked up on a funny little pause and then she said, "We, also, have a Ferret, but, he has had his sent gland taken out." (Oh, great, that mens that he still STINKS but not as much.)  "And, when Brian was feeding the snake..." (At that point I think I messed my pants)..."I just couldn't let him feed these 4 little darlings to that thing, so we have 4 pet mice, too."  (By that time I was laying on my bed with a cold compress on my eyes.  With the compress, the slight tick was barely noticeable.)  I gathered up some strength to forceably state, "You're not bring THAT SNAKE into my house."  She replied, "Of course not, the snake belongs to Brian."

After lunch I spent the entire day running round the town getting applications to various health care facilities (she is a CNA+ whatever),  applications for child care, and a home for the mentally insane (for me).

Well, Leanna, her 2 boys (Logan and Draven), George (the parakeet), Bug-A-Boo (the ferret), Big Momma,  Brownie, Stewart, and Co-Co (the mice) arrived at 12:30 AM Thursday, April 7th.
Logan, Draven and Bug-A-Boo
Big Mama kissing Stuart  (I guess you know what that means).
George (being quiet for a change)
ME, LOOSING MY MIND!                                     
All day the 8th we rearranged the back two rooms in my house,  moved some stuff out,  moved some stuff in, put LOTS OF STUFF into a storage shed, and left some STUFF in the garage (which, somehow is supposed to come into the house) and we all collapsed at 10:00 PM.

Friday, I had her filling out the applications I had picked up yesterday and drove her around dropping them off.  Her mother, bless her heart, took the boys to work with her yesterday and today.
The boys don't have beds yet but that might be a moot point because it appears that she may have a job
WORKING NIGHTS!  (I hope that childcare application goes through as I think it is illegal to lock children in closets - I know nailing their feet to the floor is.)

By the time this posts we will be into the 3rd week of this new arrangement.  I may be in jail by then, because if my one more person says, "God will not give us more than he knows we can handle," I will probably slug them.
Come and visit me whenever you can (either here or.........)

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Monday, April 25, 2011


I was a different kind of teacher.  I firmly believed (and still am) that a teacher has to retain their sense of humor when working with pre teens and teens.  In fact, I have found that humor can enhance any situation as well as defuse some (that is unless you are being chewed out by your boss....been there done that).  

The story I am relating occurred sometime during the early 90s.
I was teaching high school level learning disabled and behavior disordered youth.  I had a lot of gimmicks I used to teach them academics as well as social skills such as humor (it is surprising, but a lot of these kids did not get the idea of humor or when humor was appropriate).  At the same time I used these activities to get them to bond with me.

One of these activities was called, “The Muppet Caper.”  This was for Civics or Government class and we went through each procedure of catching and prosecuting a criminal.

After the lessons were taught and the rules (and necessary characters) were explained I set out 3 small stuffed Muppets:  Kermit, Fozzy Bear, and Animal.

First someone had to kidnap and hide one of the Muppets.  Then a witness had to come forward to report the kidnapping to the police.  The policeman had to arrest the criminal and then we had a trial. This first part took about a week.  Then came the trial (my favorite part).  I usually got permission for all of my classes to participate in the trial.

The first time I did this Kermit was snatched.  I had one of the counselors play the part of the judge.  I picked a guy I knew would go with the flow and even add to the humor of the situation.  After briefing him, he would start the trial.  One student was the defense attorney and one the prosecutor (most of the students of the Civics class had a part).  The student parts were scripted and I had 2 aides who kept the momentum going.  Then at a crucial point a surprise witness would be called.  I was that surprise witness.  In I marched dressed in green leotards, green shorts, green shirt, green gloves (with webs sewn in) green painted face, green skull cap, and flippers!  I had also stuffed a pillow down my shorts and up my shirt. 

I slepped over to the witness chair and proceeded to give my testimony even though the entire classroom was breaking up (including the counselor/judge).  I wined and cried over the loss of my son, Kermy.  While giving testimony I popped candy that looked like bugs into my mouth.  I even hopped up onto the judge’s table and pretended to catch a fly.

Needless to say this was a big hit.  The Kidnapper confessed and returned Kermy.

The next year when I did this I guess the kids passed on the information to the students in the next term as they kidnapped Animal.  I had a hard time coming up with this costume but suffice it to say it involved cutting curly hair from my black poodle.

Along with a made up face was a clown nose, halloween teeth and curly black hair  glued to my face (in the form a uni-brow).  This DID bring down the house when I ran wildly in the classroom, but, it was when I raised my arm to ask a question that everyone lost it.  I had glued a swatch of hair under each armpit (a little uncomfortable but worth it for the reaction I got).  The same counselor was the judge and his relating of my hijinks to the faculty cause me to be voted the most likely teacher to be put away in a mental institution.

However, the following term the powers that be determined that Civics would be absorbed by the government class and my students would be mainstreamed into regular education for government.  Oh, well!  I had fun while it lasted…. and so did my students.

I have only one regret....I didn't take pictures!
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

#177-SUNDAY'S SONG (I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin)

kt 4/2011

"The essence of what I believe the love of Christ is is that He became everything that separates from the love of God. He became our sin; he became all of the injustice in the world. He took on all of the anger, all of the adultery, all of the jealousy, all of the rage, all of the cheating and the lying, all of the stealing, the murder, the coveting ... everything ... he took it all on himself and he became that in our place so that we could be made right with God."  Chris Tomlin

Friday, April 22, 2011



First of all, congratulations goes to Nabo New Life for receiving her FIRST bog award!  everyone, please go to to her site and tell her GOOD JOB.  Next, I need to thank this lovely lady from India for sending it on to me.  Thanks, Nabo, for being so kind.  And, sorry, I got so excited I hit your follow button so, now, I am following you twice (does that make me a stalker?)

Now the award comes with certain rules.
Rule no. 1: First, link back to the blogger who passed on the award.  
Rule no. 2: Pass this award to seven other versatile bloggers and link to them.
Rule no. 3: Tell seven random facts about yourself.

Ok, ok, I haven't received this one before, so I will follow the rules (this time) but you guys don't have to.

1.  Above you will find the link back to Nabo.
2.  I am passing this on to the following bloggers (if you don't want it DON'T ACCEPT IT.  I am all for everyone doing their own thing!)  I just want you to know I value you. I do value all of my blogging family.....too bad I can't just push a button and send this to all of you, automatically (do you have any idea it takes me to do links on each of these?).
(In alphabetical order)
A Southern Belle
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(go to each one and say Hi for me).
3.  And (drum roll please) seven facts about myself:

Wait for it..............!
ONE:  I have gas................................. again! 
TWO:  I had a cat that I let sleep wrapped over the top of my head until I got a fur ball!

THREE:  I haven't burned up a pan in over  week! (I hope these flames are not too lose to the above gas).
FOUR:  I can't seem to break myself of the cuss word sh## (which can be heard throughout the house whenever I stub my toe).

FIVE:  I missed a fence post while wielding a sledge hammer and put a dent in my dad's truck (and incidentally, said the aforementioned word).
SIX:  I learned that dead ants float.  And, ants can not be tasted in one's coffee when one is too tired in the morning to care (they had gotten into the creamer and  died).
SEVEN:  I have had a terrible memory my entire life.  The bad news is that this has gotten me into a lot of trouble.  The good news is that I will never know if I am getting Alzheimer's.'s done!  (Now all I have to do is figure out where to post this.)
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News /From Italy

If you want to take a trip to Italy (for free) then go visit this gal.  She has more than one blog.

I hope I got it right.  It is much easier that the music box I tried back in February (and we all know how that went).  

4/20/22......Well, I just received my first comment on this and.......Mannnnnnnnn, Craziness abounds could not open it.  That figures...C.R.A.P. is at it again! (Computer Related Attacks by Poltergeists)
I am going to try to load it up again........

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A friend of mine (Dessiree) just lost a doggie friend of hers (Romeo).  Please visit the following site
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When I was in the 2nd and 3rd grade my parents took me to visit "The Gerner Farm" almost every weekend.  My grandfather and his two sons worked hundreds of acres and had a dairy, too.  This was a magical place for children.

My two cousins (boys) and I had the run of the entire farm.  We made a tunnel maize (complete with dead ends and pit drops) in the hay loft.  It is a wonder that we weren't killed by cave-ins, bailed up snakes, or poisonous spiders.  However, we survived the tunnels, swimming in the stock ponds,  running through  corn fields, playing around (under and on top of) the cows (and their calves), and playing on the roofs of the various sheds.

However, there was one animal none of us messed with and that was an extremely large, evil gander.  I don't know what his name was, but it should have been Lucifer  This hostile goose hated every one of us kids and had an anger management problem.  Maybe the boys gave him reason, but I never did one single thing to that goose to deserve his ire.

The thing is, indoor plumbing was in the house, but off limits to most of us.  It was only for evenings and special occasions.   Therefore the out-house was the destination for all other occasions.  This goose (lets go ahead and call him Lucifer) set up a perimeter around the out-house that he defended as his domain.  I don't know if he heard the rumblings in our innards or smelled the gas, but that danged goose knew when we (the kids) had to make a potty run (and I do mean run).  If he didn't nail you while running to the outhouse, he definitely caught you when you were leaving.  He was threatening enough to cause major panic attacks when my bladder started to signal me that it was time.

One day, I took off out the back door and sprinted toward the out-house.  Lucifer didn't chase me.  I was surprised and relieved; which caused me to let my guard down.  I was wearing a bathing suit and didn't want him anywhere near my legs.  When he bit, even through jeans, it hurt like the dickens.  I couldn't begin to imagine how much it would hurt if he caught me on my bare legs.

Long after I was finished I sat quietly on the hard wooden seat, even stood on it to peer over the top of the door in order to make sure that Lucifer was not out there.  Finally, I ventured out the door.  No Lucifer in sight.  As I stepped out from the safety of the little shack and learned why I didn't see him.  That sinister bird had dug out a depression under a bush at the corner of the out-house and was laying in wait for his next victim.  I was feeling very confident until I heard the flutter of wings, the patting of big flat feet on the ground, and the hissing of the devil himself as he plunged head long toward me.

Screaming bloody murder, I took off running toward the back door.  But that darned goose caught me in just two strides.  He chewed on everything from my butt cheeks to my heals.  If my family had a camera I would have been an excellent subject for a black and white study.

My mother and aunts flocked (unfortunate choice of words) towards me and treated my bruised ego and body.  My aunt chased Lucifer off with her broom.  My uncles laughed, and my cousins called me a sissy (even though they both ran from Lucifer, too).

Several years later, Lucifer eventually ended up on the dinner table.  By that time my family and I had moved.  Even though he was a mean old bird I don't think I could have eaten him.


"I am not an ordinary goose.  In fact, it has been passed down through the ages that my ancestor is the very one who laid the GOLDEN EGG (apparently some eggs hatched before she got the axe). "

"I am a very proud, extremely large, good looking, gander and it is MY job to menacingly patrol the grounds around the house.  I am programmed to keep out intruders, predators, and pesky critters of all kinds!  You see, there are several very fine ladies and their brood that I must protect."

"During the week it is kind of quiet.  We lay around, dust, swim and relax.  The woman of the house feeds me and the hens.  She is kind and talks softly to us.  The BIG man of the house just ignores me.  I have seen what he does to the chickens, so I don't EVER cross him!"

"However, when the weekend comes I have a feather ruffling job to do because there are three ornery critters that make my life miserable.  First of all, they scare the hens and try to grab the goslings.  Then, the two males often throw corn cobs and dirt clods at me.  This requires me to set up traps and sneak attacks to get a piece of them.  Usually I get my nips in!  And, IS it fun!"

"One such day, the scrawny female ran out to the squatting room.  Being a clever bird, I had fashioned a small hiding place under a bush and waited until she emerged.  I knew that she would have her back to me as she walked away.  This would give me a definite advantage.  As she exited, I wiggled out of my hiding place and went into attack mode."

"This female critter set up such a squeal that the pigs in the barn started answering her.  I was practically flying when my beak pinched down on the part of her that was just the right height.  Funny thing is these critters don't have feathers but they do have soft parts that are fun to grab.  I nibbled and chewed from top to bottom (or rather bottom and down).  Then I saw the woman burst from the house wielding THAT broom of hers.  I knew immediately that I had to retreat as there was no mistaking the look in her eyes.  I raised my beak to the sky, spread my wings, emitted my victory cry, shook the dust off, and casually waddled off showing her and the critter my tail."

"When I got back to the barn my girls were proud of me and, apparently the big farmer was too because it sounded as if he was cackling,  just like my hens."
kt 3/2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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First of all I want to accept this award on behalf of all bloggers out there who wear their fingers to the nubs filling a need in this strange new world (new to me anyway).

Second, I want to thank "M" of Professionally Insane M for choosing me to receive the Stylish Blogger Award.  Stop by her blog Professionally Insane M  and give her a hug for me.  

Next, I am delighted to be singled out and given any award.  I think it is important that WE support and encourage one another every chance we get.  This community that I stumbled into has done me a world of good and I think others feel that way too.

Finally, (this is me again making up things as I go along).  I have never been a rule follower (not particularly a rule breaker....well sometimes) and I have already demonstrated that in a few of my posts.
So.....I would like to share MY rules for awards:
  1. If, for any reason the recipient does not wish to accept the award all they should have to do is thank the person who sent it by commenting on their post.  ( It would be nice to post the non award policy on the side bar -or somewhere- so other blogger will know.)
  2. If the award recipient wishes to not follow the award "rules," the recipient should do what ever they are comfortable with.
  3. The recipient MAY choose to send the award on to what ever number they wish.  The smaller the number the more prestigious the award.

In order to accept this award you should:
     5.  Pick up your award from my side bar.
     6.  Thank, and link back to the person who gave you the award on a new blog or on one you have 
          already scheduled.  (It might be nice to tell why you chose this blogger.)
     7.  Copy and post the rules (from ** to ***) to a new post or one you have already written.  Share
          something about yourself (which you probably already have in the post you wrote) or not.  
     8.  Award at least 1 but no more  than 3 (not carved in stone) blogs you feel deserve the award. 
          Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.
I have chosen 2 bloggers to receive this award.....
Professionally Insane M who taught me how to embed links.  (If you want her instructions just E-me at and I will send them).
Facing 50 With Humour (from the UK)who made my button for me.  It took her all night and almost a page of HTML. (She also made a button for Desiree).   Carol is on vacation so she may be unable to accept this, but I wanted her to have it anyway.

ALSO:  I picked up this bloggers pledge from New Life.....CHECK IT OUT TOO:
New Life: I took the pledge and so can you

15th = FLASHBACK: Paper or Plastic (my precocious daughter)
17th = Jeremy Camp video (Christian Video)
18th = Caboose Biting Goose (childhood on the farm)
20th = Toby's scrapbook (my totally awesome dog)
22nd= FLASHBACK: I Like Words  (the sound of words)
25th = The Muppet Caper (classroom antics)
27th = Be Careful for what You Pray (re: sometone new "living" in my home)
29th = FLASHBACK: Anyone want to buy a nice clean tape recorder? (a kt oops)
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Monday, April 11, 2011

#172-DEER ME!

This story took place somewhere around the early 70’s I think….who knows…at my age it all seems to run together.  Anyway, both of my children were fairly young.  Once a month I took my children some place special.  I guess I was trying to compensate for having divorced thereby removing the main father figure in their lives.  But, who knows maybe it was just because I liked having fun with my kids.

In Southern California there was a wonderful place called “Japanese Deer Park.” I understand that they went bankrupt in the late 70s but back then it was a beautiful park with performing dolphin, bears, and a petting area filled with deer.  They even had a moat through which dolphins would streak.   There was a fish that played poker (and won), several coy ponds, pearl divers, a dove enclosure, beautiful gardens, and hands on crafts for the children to do (like origami). 

Just to make sure you get a clear picture of me, I was dressed in a bright red shirt, black slacks, and comfortable shoes.  The blouse had a collar that had over a foot long tie that I put into a bow.   It looked real snazzy (one never knew when one might run into a single dad visiting the same park).

So, you are wondering, what kind of trouble could she get into here? (Oh, ye of little faith!)

Glad you asked, as I did happen to have a memorable experience in the deer enclosure.

We went into the deer paddock to feed these darling, small, delicate, creatures.
The little buggers were being pushy so I bent over to help my daughter feed one.
Then, I felt a tug at my neck.  When I looked down there was a small deer between my legs SWALLOWING my long red, tie (see, there WAS a reason why I described what I was wearing).

My daughter’s eyes got so big I thought they might pop out and my son doubled over, laughing hysterically (while pointing at his mother’s embroiled in her latest disaster).

I tried to pull the tie out of the critter’s mouth…it wouldn’t budge and it was still swallowing and chewing at the tie.   I yelled at my son to run and get help but he was too paralyzed by his hysterics.   I started softly talking to the deer and rubbing its neck while pulling on the tie with the other hand.  I had visions of needing to have the goat sedated (or killed) before it would relinquish its prize.  I could see the headlines:

(film at 11)

At any rate, slowly the tie began to slip out of the deer’s throat.   But, what accompanied the tie  prompted immediate gag reactions for all three of us.   There were slimy green chunks all over both of  long ties.  I had to hold them out away from the rest of my shirt and walk like an old woman hunched by age.  Not only was my appearance embarrassing but also the looks I was getting from the other patrons (which ran all the way from disgusting- to utter disbelief).  In the ladies restroom I washed the ties out several times and finally got the green sheen out of them.  Of course I had to take the blouse off to do that, and the whole thing ended up looking like it had washed up on the shore of some remote beach.

All of this happened before lunch (I really didn't feel like eating...well maybe DEER MEAT!) and the we hadn't seen major shows so, there was no going home.  I pulled myself together and finished out the day like a real trooper.  The only problem was the wrinkled damp blouse looked awful, felt awful, and my son kept looking over at me periodically and would break into laughter.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

#171-SUNDAY'S SONG (I'd Need A Savior- Among the Thirsty


As stated by the band: “Our purpose is to present a unique style of the Gospel to the world through our music. We strive to live a life that is worthy of God's presence, to proclaim the Majesty and Holiness of Christ with our gifts, and to speak words of hope and life to all those who are searching and hurting."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What does this mean to me?  Well, it means that there are at least 50 people out there who are Out of their Minds too!  But, most of all, it means that someone out there actually likes me.

Why did I start blogging?  Hell Danged if I know!   I have been telling stories for years that made people laugh (often these people had a few drinks in them).  Also,  my daughter has continually encouraged  me to write these stories down.  But, I never did.  I used to love to write when I was MUCH younger,  but,  I just couldn't seem to do it.  Probably because I didn't have a computer.  I had one at in my classroom, but, that was not for personal use.

A year or so after I retired I bought myself a home computer.  And then found FACE BOOK!  Wow, a whole new world opened up and I suddenly had a pallet on which to write.  I found that I liked putting little (well long, and their prompts kept admonishing me)  stories on my home page.  The next thing I knew I was putting stories with parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.  A running account of things that happen to me.  My daughter kept telling me that I needed to start a blog (probably because she was tired of me clogging up her home page).  

I was encouraged by one of my daughter's in-laws (and friend) who set me up with my first blog, on his site, in early summer of 2010.   By the way he has a great blog you might want to read:     The Last Word

I had a difficult time coming up with a name but family members have occasionally (ok, often) mentioned that I was out of my mind.  And then I had an epiphany and said to myself, that would work because this stuff I write comes from my mind, which makes this title true on two levels...yes, that'll work.  Then I went to visit my daughter later that same summer (2010) and she started me my own site (which I was sure I wouldn't be able to navigate...old dog new tricks mind set).  

When I started this I was certain that I would only have about 8 family members following (and 2 pity followers).  However, that's who I was writing for in the first place, With a blog I could write at length without getting scolded by a site program.   Then,  my daughter helped me run a giveaway.  She said that this would draw more people and once reading my blog I would acquire more followers.  Well, she was right, but I was conflicted over the fact that they may have only joined because her jewelry is fabulous.  And, this made me feel like a blog "Hoe" (trading favors for followers).  We've done 2 and I am not doing any more.  She does GREAT giveaways of  her own and I refer anyone who wants beautiful jewelry to go to her site:  Embracelets Design

Then something happened... I started to gather followers.  And, more amazingly, I stated reading the blogs of others.  If that wasn't fantastic enough, I became attached to many of the followers and found that I actually think of these relative strangers as friends.  That is when I started stressing out over pleasing them.  Worrying about my spelling,  syntax,  punctuation, my ability to get my point across, the frequency of my post, or the appropriateness of them.  I have always been the sort to be eager to please.   I diligently seek to never offend.  I have one post that has been sitting here for months because I can't seem to determine if it is OK.   The readers of my blog don't really know what a goof ball I can be.  But, my family does so, I didn't worry about writing for them.

That's when I pulled back and scolded myself, got feedback from my followers and decided to make a change.  I now know that I should write as though I was writing to those first 8 family members (and the 2 pity readers).  I should just be myself (who whom  who Ahhhhh, mannnnn lets go with whomever that is).  And, if I occasionally (ok frequently) mess up with the spelling etc....SO BE IT!  I should be me....pure (well, that's a stretch, but you get what I mean) and unvarnished.

Oh, yes, I got sidetracked.....Anyway, to my complete surprise, the number  of followers slowly climbed.  Then I found myself watching for number 100 (I even begged a few family holdouts who read occasionally, but haven't followed).  The numbers seemed to creep through the 90s then 100 finally came  on April 2nd (and I didn't have to blackmail anyone).

Thank you Siv Maria for being #100.  Wish I had a prize for you.  The best I can do is to ask my followers to check out your blog which is: Been there, done that.  (How come hers is purple?  The others were blue!)  Be sure to read her Monday, April 4th post (Change, Who Me?) because she has a picture of me (before my makeover).

Another SHOUT OUT goes to "M."  She just sent me instructions on how to embed a link.  I did manage to call up a few members of the C.R.A.P. (Computer Related Attacks by Poltergeists) squad when I had to go into HTML (scary isn't it...ME in HTML) and found (once I exited) that everything was blue and underlined?  So, her is her link too (I wonder what color hers will be?):                                                                                                                 
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Also, I am working on a blog to accept my 6th award from my family of followers, thanks to "M" above.  That will be coming up soon.

Finally, Thank you......ALL OF YOU (even the 2 pity followers)....... for putting up with me (and my little dots, red print,  poltergeists,  parenthesis w/italic, bold print, and the "ALL CAPS" shouting!)

LOVE FROM kt 4/3/11

Monday, April 4, 2011


You may not realize it but,
it's a jungle out there!
In the early 80s, my second teaching assignment was in a small town not to far from where I lived.  It was a 20-minute commute through farming areas (well, everything in these parts is a commute through farm areas).  Anyway, I was a Title One (government funded) teacher and I taught remedial math and language to grades 3-7. 

CAUTION THIS PARTICULAR BLOG IS RATED PG-13 DUE TO 2 WORDS WHICH ARE INTEGRAL TO THE TELLING OF THE STORY (This is probably how the romance novelist started out.  One little peccadillo now and then WHAM!).

One afternoon the Principal called an emergency teacher’s meeting to discuss what she termed in her memo as a “grave situation.”  Now, this principal was a dear, sweet, middle aged,  grandmotherly type.  I loved her dearly.  She had a terrific sense of humor; treated students and teachers fairly and never over reacted.

We were all in the lunchroom waiting and speculating on what this “grave situation” might be when she walked in.  Her usual smiling face carried a serious expression, which quickly quieted us down.  The meeting went something like this:

Principal:       (With a serious expression she glanced around the room) Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention that there is a situation that needs our immediate attention.

Teachers:       A slight murmuring, clearing of throats, and glances at one another.

Principal:       I believe the boys started it on the playground yesterday with what they called
 “Titty Twisting Tuesday,” (she didn't crack a smile).

Teachers:       Some gasps and a few giggles could be heard.  There were several smiling faces looking at their feet, ceiling, or fingernails. 

Principal:       Today, the girls responded with “Weener Whacking Wednesday,” (and she still regained her grip on her facial expression).

Teachers:        Some more gasps (we had two old prunes still teaching) but, by now most of 
                         the teachers started laughing.

Principal:       (Still wearing a stern look) People, I don’t know what is planned for tomorrow but we have to get this stopped by Friday (at this she raised her left eyebrow).

Teachers:       (The teachers knew the key to the comment started with the letter F).  The room erupted in hysterical laughter.  Tears were running down faces.  The prune sisters were all puckered up (at both ends) and our beloved leader was, also, cracking up.

Needless to say, the problem was taken care of on Teacher's Tantrum Thursday.  Friday was not a problem.  (100% true!)

kt 3/2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

#168-SUNDAY'S SONG (Our God Is Greater-Chris Tomlin

"One of the premier songwriters of today, Chris Tomlin is shaping the language of worship for generations present and future. And yet his gifts are rooted in one central truth, that God is the center of everything." (