Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have decided that I need to blog about the weird things that I encounter while trying to interact with my computer (and this blog).  I TRULY believe that it (my computer) is deliberately messing with my mind.    I am going to list examples as they come up.

#1  I was just typing up a future blog for my draft page and for some reason the entire comment is written to the left of my post templet.  Some was written below the "return to list of posts" tab.  No matter what I did to this page came up the same.  I follow the same procedure each time I write up a post.  I type it in Microsoft Word then copy and paste.  The first two came out fine, but, number three blogged out! 
I checked the preview and it published normally.  I returned to my list of posts and re-entered this blog.  Still blogged out.

I went back to the original on my desktop and went through the same procedure (on a new draft page) just to check. The same thing happened, again.  HOWEVER, when I retyped the blog onto a blank post page it came out right??????????????

Stuff like this happens to me all the time.  When it does I think I will post each one and entitle the post "COMPUTER RELATED  ATTACKS by POLTERGEISTS" or "C.R.A.P." for short.

Would you share one of your C.R.A.P. moments on my comment section.  I need to know that I am not the only one!



  1. You are most definately not alone in your C.R.A.P moments, dear.

    I ofen write long, drawn out things only to have them deleted at random.

    my worst incident involved a dvd in my disc drive that featured a band (joy division) with a lead singer who is deceased. I watched this with my boyfriend one evening, and forgot I had put it in the computer. Shortly after, it would start playing different songs from the dvd by itself, scaring the heck out of my roommate and myself! When I finally figured out the disc was the culprit, I tried to remove it and the drive had broken, it would not open. creeepy!

    love your blog. I am also semi-new to blogging, and quite nervous about it. It's coming along, though. :) I'll be reading regularly!

  2. Hey, Katie!
    No big deal, it's all in good fun! Thanks for reading my blog! I've had some trouble with google friend connect and am thinking about going back to blogger but don't want to move everything, wordpress is kind of.. old school?

    I stopped by today to tell you that you've inspired me with your husband giveaway black friday idea. I think i'll post a boyfriend giveaway soon, he's getting on my nerves lately. :D Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving. -J

  3. The problem on this one is using Microsoft Word - it has weird formatting things that do not translate to HTML, and people like you and I do not know how to write in HTML. What does work is using a non-format processor like "Notepad" OR typing an email in gmail, which can be copied and pasted into Word if you want a copy on your computer.