Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Two people I don't know actually commented on my last blog (Hi, Nicki and Apple).  Also, it looks like one of my readers from Russia is back,( Привет).  I hope that is Hi in Russian and not eat worms or something like that. 

This has caused me to reevaluate my schedule of weekly posts.  Since I have 10 ready and waiting on deck at blogspot, 9 in final draft stage,  5 in first draft stage and  50 on my idea list, maybe I can be less cautious and start posting more often (like the blog articles suggest).  

Actually, I am SCARED that I will run out of things to write about.  What am I thinking....this is me....I have an ice cream dish, a coffey cup, and a statue that were given to me by different friends; and they all have some version of "Drama Queen" written on them.  I am known for my pension to being accident prone.  I often jump into things before I think (OK, Patty [my daughter] the word should be usually not often).  In fact I was just writing up something about today which has to do with my close relation ship (?) with fire.and I saw the 2 NEW comments! 

One of the problems is that I can't spell worth a darn.  If the spell checker were human and had hands to throw up into the air.....well, you get the jist.  Also, I am not a conventional writer.  I tend to ramble on (Yes, Patty, I hear you) and incorporate too many ideas.

But, I have decided to "Leap into the breach," (what ever that is) and throw caution to the wind (and that is two too many sayings) so I need to get on with it.  Tomorrow I will post what I was going to post today when I got excited about the 2 new comments (Yes, Patty I saw yours; and thanks for the encouragement).

Oh, I almost forgot, for "my relationship with fire" check out blogs #20, 29, and # 32.

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  1. You are so cute, and really I am honored that you would think enough of my writing to feel that my opinion is worth a horse's patoot. I also have mostly followers who are family members or people I know personally and that is OK. I also have a few "friends" who are fellow bloggers and I found them much the same way you found me - by reading their blogs and commenting on them. They read mine, I read theirs, and I would read/write more, but I unfortunately have to eat and sleep from time to time. If you want more readers and inspiration, the best way to get them is to read and love the blogs of others. (I am not the best person to give advice on this as there are people who literally have 100's of followers and I am not yet into double digits...)

    OK so, how to find them: I actually had the same problem you had when searching randomly for fun blogs - there are a LOT of bad/boring writers out there. And a LOT that don't speak English.

  2. oops. I am not sure the word limit on comments. (One thing you could do is allow people to reply to your comments by email - I don't actually see your address, but I can reply. This is in the settings somewhere.)
    Anyway, how I found blogs: I went to my own profile and noted that each of my interests was actually a link to other people with the same interest. And I found two people who are teachers in the midwest that I consider friends - they are on my page under "People I Love". Once you find a blog YOU like, check out the blogs they like, and you will have a nice list that will ensure those jammies remain on until 3pm every day.

    As for your own writing, I actually would keep SOME of that backlog of posts. You WILL get writers block or will just lose interest from time to time and it is mice to have a cushion. I personally think once every 2 to 3 days is the ideal number of posts, because it keeps people hooked, but doesn't overwhelm them. Sometimes, if I haven't been online a few days, I find my bloggy friends have been posting daily, and then it takes a few days to catch up.

    As for content, you need no advice. You form coherent sentences that are amusing and your sense of humor is great! Keep proofreading like crazy and keep on truckin! I'll stop in from time to time!

  3. and speaking of proofreading....that would be "nice" not "mice". You CAN "Edit posts" and fix errors if you find them after publishing.

    Not so with comments.