Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'll look a lot more stylish as soon 

as I put my bra back on, my wig on, 
and my teeth in, but I ain't puttin'  
that darn girdle on!

The title of the award kind of stumped me, "The Stylish Blogger Award."  I have never been considered stylish in any sense of the word.  When I hear the word STYLISH I think of something that is attractive, elegant, smart or chic.  Then I look at my blog and say..."What... This?" I have a plain ole standard blogspot design, nothing new, nothing special.  I am afraid to change anything because I don't know in the #$!! Idid it in the first place.

So, I went to an online dictionary and looked up the word style and found that it can also mean: a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, written or performed, as in a unique style.  Oh...well, that's different.  I am certainly one of a kind.  People have been telling me that for years.  Ok, now I can accept this award without feeling like a hypocrite!    Phew!

Wow!  Thank you, caterpillar ( for the honor.  And, I might add congratulations because I see you not only received this award, but also the Metetastic award as well.  Good for you kiddo!

I think this is what blogging is all about.  No, not getting and giving awards but to provide a safe nourishing place for people of all different styles to express themselves.  As I have said many times before, it IS a kind of therapy.  We can say things to strangers that we can't say to those closer to us (and by extension those closer to us can get a a better glimpse into us by reading what we write to strangers).  Does that make sense?

I don't know where or how these awards originate.   I do believe that we need to support and encourage each other in every way we can.  I know how it makes me feel when I get one and I'm guessing I am not the only one who likes to get recognized.

I am supposed to share seven random facts about myself (and, incidentally each of these are topics for future blogs and are 100% true).

1.  I am not afraid of snakes and have been known to grab copperheads by the back of the neck.
2.  I once rescued an extremely large snapping turtle from the middle of a highway by making it latch onto my jumper cables and then dragging it to the ditch.
3.  I made my washing machine blow up by using my magnetic personality!
4.  I once fed dog kibbles to my father (watch for this one coming soon).
5.  I ran out of gas, one winter, on my way to work, with nothing on under my winter coat (I swear).
6.  I have been fortunate to have taken one of those hair raising Tijuana Taxi rides to a bull fight.
7.  I have had the experience of being in three fairly major earthquakes (not the SF one).

Now, for the hard part.  With my last award I had a very difficult time deciding how to pick the recipients and ended up cutting the 5th one up into pieces and sending a part to almost every blogger I read.  Some bloggers already have so many they have stopped accepting these awards.  AND PLEASE DO NOT FEEL THAT YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE.  IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU!

Again, this is me making up my own rules (no surprise there).  I say share if you want to, but you don't have to answer a darned question, or list one single random fact if you don't want to.  But it would be nice if you at least sent it on to a few bloggers you want to encourage.

Here are my 5 (in no particular order) and they are all blogs I recommend you check out:
kt 3/2011


  1. Congratualtions! n must say ur random facts made laugh hyterically! so keep up d good word!

    PS: thank u so much 4 stopping by my blog :)

  2. *i meant keep up d good work

  3. You are indeed extremely unique, and I love reading all of your posts. Congrats on your Stylish Blogger Award, well deserved. I'm honored that you recommended my blog, and of course I'll accept the award. Thank u.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, Karen! You are so funny having to research the full meaning of stylish before accepting your award. But, as we've come to know you through your blog, I'd say that's typical of you! It's thoroughly endearing :)

    I'd left a comment for you on my blog, explaining why I'm not going to accept the award, but I honestly do appreciate the nomination :) THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Oh my - copperheads, nakedness and earthquakes - wow! You are unique!

  6. Love, love, love your blog!! Tues especially cracked me up as the Mom of 3 male furkids. Congrats on a well deserved award. And thank you for awarding my blog. I accept & will be posting this weekend. I have been on hiatus, but am now ready to start writing once again.

    Have a beautiful day!! Love to Toby from Lobo, Scrappy, & Zane.

    ~~blessed be...

  7. Yes, you are stylish in your own unique way. But also, I remember a certain model/beauty pageant gal who would certainly be considered stylish in a more conventional way (can't forget the 19 inch waist, lol!)

  8. Definitely Unique with a capital U!
    LOL the big SF earthquake was like in 1909 or something like'd not only be unique you'd be a national monument!

  9. Congratulations again....I'm just wondering how you got that washing machine to blow up! Hmm....interesting! :)

  10. wow congratulations, Karen!!! I'm pretty sure you're going to get the Blogger Grandslam Award soon hehe! :-D

  11. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to know how you managed to get dog kibbles into your Dad!

  12. Ack! My most sincere and humble apologies, KT, for not having done this sooner. Thank you so much for passing this along to me. I truly DO appreciate it!