Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Today I have a guest blogger and I will let him introduce himself:

Uhhhh, Hi.  My name is Totally Tubular Toby;call me Toby.   I have come up with these rules that SHE calls  TOBYISMS.  SHE thinks that SHE'S in charge, but, I'm a smart pup (see, I already know English) so, I knew I had to lay down the law right from the start (if I want this gig to work out in my favor).
First of all, anything on the floor is mine (including that upity cat!)

Chewing is in the "Puppy Bill of Rights." (Get used to it!)

Looking pitiful is all I have to do to get help 
(well, I sometimes have to add a small whimper).

TV is evil!  I WILL destroy the TV power cord because of that darned Dog Whisperer (he's a total control freek and I wanna do what I wanna do).  Also, I find the "eh-eh" and poke in the side really annoying.  

I am frequently held captive while SHE goes to lunch!
Isn't that about the meanest thing you have ever heard of?
Not only that, today, SHE stopped to take a picture of me in my misery!

I'm suing!  

When she yells T O B Y ! ... ...
the best thing to do is to throw myself on the floor (belly up)
and surrender immediately!  (You're smiling aren't you?  See it works!)


Grab the end of a toilet paper roll, DAILY, and run like hell!  She'll yell, but don't surrended until the roll runs out.  It is worth it to watch her struggle to keep from laughing. 

(NOTE: Actually he's thinking, "What's with you!  Are you nuts?  First I get in major trouble for messing with this stuff, then you give me a wad of it so you can take a picture for your blog. I don't get it!)

And, finally, if it is too cold to pee outside, it doesn't make sense to waist a perfectly good rug (like this one)!

(Toby is also featured on post #131)  kt 2/2011

So I could enter a blog hop I just added the following:
1. Have any animals?  Yep...Toby and a cat named Kit  
2. Favorite animal?  Tigers 
3. If you could have any animal, what would it be?  Horse
4. Pet any weird animals?  Wierd, no.  Fun, yes (a dolphin)
5. Ever been to a drive through safari? Yes, A female lion came right up to our window.
6. What zoos have you been to, what is your favorite one? So many I can't begin to list them but the favorite by far was the San Diego Zoo.


    1. Oh, wonderful post, Toby! I'm so pleased you've finally persuaded Karen to allow you her seat in front of the computer. Yes, I have to agree - locking you up in that little crate seems like abuse to me! It's even worse knowing SHE'S out stuffing her face while you're left in there to pine miserably! No wonder you punish her with the toilet paper unravelling game. I'd say she brings it all on herself! Pee on the carpet all you like, I say! It's just cruel to expect you to have to go outside in the freezing cold and rain!

      Looking forward to lots more from you, Toby!

      Licks and wags,

      Heathcliff (your South African pack leader - you need to understand, I'm no ones dog follower!)

    2. Hi Tody - Mazie here, I totally (get it?) agree with you - we have rights and my owner thinks she is the boss. Ha ha ha ha. The only time I let her think that is when I'm hungry - I sit and do stupid tricks for a dinky treat.
      I don't understand why she yells when I grab that grandbaby's toys! After all I think I'm cuter than that annoying baby! I just have to let them know it.
      I love it when the baby grabs her pacifier and puts it in her mouth - then spits it out because it has dog hair on it. Revenge is sweet!

    3. Karen those very expensive typing lessons you have given Toby have been totally worth it. Toby you are gorgeous and I love it when you do that pleading look...you remind me of my son when he wants feeding. More posts please or indeed maybe your own blog?

    4. To your Mom:
      Adorable baby! I've found that puppies and babies are for young people. :) Still...soooo cute..I remember when..

    5. Oh, Toby...you are such a sweet little stinker!

    6. Hi Toby!

      Your Mom told my Mom you're at the vet today - being 'done' Don't worry too much about it...I had to go through the same thing 5 and 1/2 years ago and it's not too bad. Just a tip though...make the most of HER guilt while you still have the stitches! And remember, you'll still be able to cock a leg when you grow older and still assert your masculinity. I speak from experience being Top Dog in this household!

      Chin up, boy!

      Yours in empathy,

      Heathcliff xoxo