Sunday, February 6, 2011


I had a wonderful birthday partly because of all of the birthday wishes I received from all of my new blogging friends.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being so kind to me.  This may be boring but I wanted to share my BUCKET LIST with you (it is in no particular order):

*Sing a solo in church.
I used to have a fairly decent voice.  However, I have never sung in public.  This is one thing I have always wanted to do, but never had the courage.  I belt them out with the best of them when singing in a group, but solo???  At least in church they can't boo you off the stage (can they?).
Of course, I will probably have to find a new outfit!
*Go to the mission my church supports in Kenya.
Our church has two missions in Africa, one in Albania, and one in Kansas City, MO.  I have wanted to go for a long time.  I was planning on volunteering in 96 however,  my dad had fell and has needed me ever since.
What can I say, there are smiles there that beg for my attention!
*Take a cruse to Cozumel.
I love ruins and would love to see the ones on the Mayan peninsula.  Plus, I have never been out of the USA except for a day excursion to Tijuana (a future blog) and a Girl Scout trip to western Canada.

But, with my budget this is probably the best I can do!
*Visit the British Isles.
In college I was a history major and I long to see some of the things about which I studied.   I am enamored with castles and would love seeing as many as possible.  It would be so cool to be able to stay one night in one.
I am a trusting person, so, I guessing my room will be the one at the top (with the great view, as advertised).
Luckily I will be allowed to walk around the grounds while waiting for the ladder.
*Travel up the East Coast to Main.
I think that lighthouses are sadly romantic and I would like to go on a lighthouse tour along the East Coast.
The ride there would be well worth the trip!
*Sky Dive!
Yes, I want to jump out of an airplane with a good looking guy strapped to my back. Who wouldn’t!  I thought about bunjee jumping, but as I think back over my past INCIDENTS  I decided that this was not a good idea FOR ME.  At least with sky diving there will be an experienced jumper with me.
My new mantra! "Adventure before dementia!"
*White water raft down the Colorado.
What can go wrong?  They take thousands of people down the Colorado every summer (and most of them are still in the boat by the end).  I want to be one of them!  
I'm the one in the front on your left.
*Get a tattoo
I have always wanted a tattoo.  I really don’t know why, just have.  I am not exactly the illustrated woman type, so, I have chosen one simple tattoo to put in a common easily seen place (that eliminates my butt) and I will post the event (complete with a picture).  Oh, by the way, this is happening TODAY!  Probably as you are reading this!
When I asked him what I should use to dull the pain he said, "LOTS OF TEQUILA!"
Lord only knows what I will end up with if I have a shot or two of Tequila.
I think I'm opting for a bottle of cheap wine and a couple of Motrin!

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  1. I absolutely loved your bucket list, Karen & I DO HOPE you manage to get through them all... before you kick the bucket :)

    You're already knocking one off the list today, with your voluntary pain inducing piercing! Goodness Gracious Me, though...WHY on EARTH would you want to put yourself through that! You do know, of course, that a tattoo is PERMANENT ;) You're going to be stuck with it for the rest of your life!

    You're so clever with all the pictures you found to illustrate your wish list. I must say the castle has me wishing, too!

  2. Sing? Ha ha ha - that would not be on my list - I can't sing a note if I tried. No talent there.

    Castles - I'd loce that
    Tattoo - don't like pain
    Sky diving - no fricking way! But I'd love to go into space.
    Rafting - that sounds like fun
    Lighthouses - I would LOVE to do that. Maybe we could do it together?

  3. You go girl. Wish I could have been there to give you a shot of whisky. From what I hear, you need it.

    As for your bucket list, I'd be happy to help with a couple:

    *Travel up the East Coast to Main. (maine is spelled with an E). We've always wanted to do that too, so may you can go with us. The kids would love it.

    *Sky Dive! Been there done that. There is a great place by Westpoint in NY that is just stunning when you're falling from 10,000 feet. I'd be happy to take you there. I know for a fact they have good looking tandem jumpers there. Mine was just adorable (before Pat).

    Love Ya Mom!

  4. OBYW. I just noticed your new profile picture. Love it. Who's truck is that? It's HUGE.

  5. Sorry it should be OBTW (oh by the way).

  6. Oh wow....can't wait to see the tattoo...

  7. I love your bucket list! Hope you had a great birthday! And can't wait to see that tattoo!

  8. Love the list and the new mantra- "Adventure before dementia!" Our bucket list is so very similar, except I have ABSOLUTELY NO FREAKING DESIRE (yes, I am yelling) to jump out of a plane. I don't want a tattoo, either, but I would get a mermaid inked on my forehead before I would jump from a plane!!