Sunday, May 22, 2011

SUNDAY'S SONG (Better Than A Hallelujah - Amy Grant)

At first I didn't like this song because I did not understand the lyrics.  What could be better than God hearing us praise Him with a Hallelujah?  But, then I realized it is saying that He loves us no matter who we are or what we are going through.  When we reach out to Him in our darkest hours it is pleasing to Him because we CHOSE Him as our Comforter.  kt


  1. Hi there:) Happy Sunday to you:) I actually took the time to listen to this song, and I don´t really know why, because normally I skip all religious posts as a rule. I´m not religious, but I truly respect those who are, and sometimes I even feel jaleous because I would love to feel the comfort of there being something bigger than human kind out there... still... This time I wanted too see, though and I don´t know why, but I listened, and this song hit me in the heart, somehow. Just wanted you to know that you gave me a gift today. Big hugs from norway

  2. Hi Karen! As usual great post. I didn't like this song at first either. However you are exactly right about what it is trying to say!
    I hope you have a wonderful day and find something to smile about!

  3. Hey Girl!! Happy, Glorious Sunday to you & yours. This is one of my favorite songs. I have loved it from the first time I heard it. It has always spoken to me as the true way to pray, the authenticity we that we take to our Source when we are truly in need of Love. Hallelujah is easy, but the be authentic in the presence of Great Spirit is not always so. When we go broken & honest in our brokenness it is the best prayer HE/SHE can hear. Thanks for sharing it. I truly enjoyed the experience again. Remember, when there are no words, simply say "Thank You".

    Stop by for a visit soon. I'm writing again.

    ~~blessed be...