Tuesday, January 18, 2011



My Uncle David used to accuse me of having verbal diarrhea.   However accurate it may be, it is not something one can put on a resume, smile and point to.  Uncle David has suggested taping my mouth shut several times over the years.

If I wanted to be sure my students or children did what I asked I simply said, “ Do you want to...bla… bla,…bla…or get a lecture from me?” They ALWAYS chose what ever it was I wanted them to do.  They hated my LONG lectures.

I don’t know if it is a gift or a burden but it is who I am.   I wasn’t on the debate team because that caused serious research and mental acuity.  No, I was in DRAMA club and I guess that is why my life is ALWAYS filled with DRAMA. 

Having a voice that can carry to the back of an auditorium is another one of my verbal gifts.  I can thank my college drama teacher for that.  “Prooooject, Karen, Prooooject!” was what he would continually shout.  I was in a couple of plays, liked it, but couldn’t pick up my cues.  I would get so involved with what was going on around me (darned ole ADHD again see blog #29) that I would usually be startled into my line by a kick, pinch, or shove.  Therefore, I was always in comedies where the prompts of cast members usually drew  laughs.   

It is here that I learned I liked to laugh and liked making people laugh.  That launched me into a life time of telling my "little tales" to my friends and family. And, here I am today telling these stories to you.  


  1. My dad was a great storyteller. Picture the old stove in the local store with the men in various kinds of overalls, sitting with their smokes, coffee and joke telling ability. They each had to out do the others. And it was very important to make the tale seem very real. (of course most were extreme exaggerations.) When my dad and his brother got together it was pure joy for me. They had such a gift.

  2. Oh I forgot to telly you, Crystal, when I was little I would talk so much at the dinner table, that all the food would be gone before I had taken a bite. I would cry out where's all the food? Everyone would laugh and tell me I talked the entire time and everyone had eaten! My brother always said I never shut up! When I get up in the morning I'm talking. My husband on the other hand is very quiet. That's why I have my dog - gives me someone to talk to. Ha

  3. Verbal diarrhea??? what on earth, this is the first time i've ever heard of such thing hahaha!!! your uncle must have been a funny man. thanks for posting this. it made my day. :-)

  4. I often have verbal diarrhea too. Except, i didn't do Drama club in high school . It required memorization which I was not willing to do and I didn't like the drama teacher. I did mock trial (mainly because I could talk and talk for like ten minutes.) Plus I got to rant at someone at the same time! It served a dual purpose!!!

  5. I used to talk nonstop as a kid. I once had a boyfriend that was so grateful every time I got laryngitis (which he totally denies now!). I have gotten much better about my babbling, except when I am nervous. All of my kids have inherited my 'chatter box'. I also checked out the blogs you recommended. Great stuff!

  6. I worked as a teacher for a year and the kids hated me for talking too much....that's why I never pursued the career. I talk way too much, too soon...verbal diarrhea..nice!