Monday, February 20, 2012


I                         A     M                              BACK

I have been gone for a while in order to reprogram myself after attending to my father's needs for several
years.  I found it difficult to write anything after his passing.  However, I am going to make an attempt to get back into the mood as I need to find a jumping off place to reboot my life, so to speak.  I examined the reasons behind my need to blog in the first place and I believe that this will be a good place to start.
Some of the up coming posts will be ones that I wrote earlier.  Others will be new attempts.  You should be able to spot the difference between the two as I am finding it difficult to be humorous (which has always been one of my goals).  So, WHY DO I BLOG?

I am a story teller.  Have been forever and probably will be for a long time to come.  My daughter has been telling me to write down my stories for years.  She said she thought they were funny and always seemed to laugh even though it was the umpteenth time she heard them (what a gal!).  Then, sometime in June of 2010 she, her mother-in-law (Cathy) and a friend of theirs (George, who also has a blog) got me started on his blog.  At first I posted on George's site and then in July 2010 Patty started me off on my own.   And, as they say, the rest is history.

However, that does not answer my question, WHY BLOG?

Everyone probably has different reasons for blogging.  Their are probably numerous reasons of a very diverse nature but for me I guess the first  reason is because I was told I should (and being a good girl I always do what I am told....yeah, right!).  After I started writing I found that a void in my life was filled.  I was unable to get out and socialize due to taking care of my elderly father, so,  I used my writing as a way to communicate with others.  At first my target audience was my family; a way of documenting my stories for my children and grandchildren.  I didn't even expect them to read my blog very often as they, all, are so very busy.  (This still remains a major reason for me to blog).

The second reason is probably because I was bored.  I had recently retired and I didn't know what to do with myself.  Because of my father I couldn't take on a part time job.  I cleaned and swept and dusted and sanded and painted and washed just about everything in the house.  I dug and planted, and raked and cut and mowed just about everything else outside.  This reason has changed a little because I am now able to get out and am no longer tied to the house.  However, I am finding it difficult to make myself get out.  (Hopefully, this reason will disappear as I venture out more and more and find my place in this community to be useful.  Having already signed up for the "Pink Lady"program at the hospital I hope to also pick up some substituting jobs and maybe some babysitting.)

My third reason is that I found that something really weird happened.  People I didn't even know clicked on that little "follow" button and started making comments.  That really gave me a rush!  Wow, someone actually liked what I wrote and they weren't even related or obligated to read what I had written.  Suddenly, my reason for blogging changed.  I can't explain it but, my blog began to be very important to me.   So, I guess the third reason is to gain positive attention (oh heck, to gain ANY attention). ( I don't see this reason going away either.  We all crave positive attention and I really need it right now.)

The fourth reason came shortly after  I reached 30 or so followers.  My reasons for blogging changed, again. (or at least took on a new dimension).  I was making new friends.  Some like George, Nicki, Clenna, Julie, Carrol and April have been there almost from the beginning.  That is when I became greedy and wanted more and more followers.  My terrific daughter suggested I have a contest and she would provide the prize (since she is a crafter of jewelry).  I did two contests and gained a lot of followers.  But, then I decided that this wasn't the way I wanted to get followers.  I wanted followers who were following me because they wanted to; not because they were trying to win a prize.  I wanted followers like those 27 who commented on the post  about my father's demise.  Those 26 are ALL very dear to me and those comments helped me to want to get back to posting again.

I have learned more and more about some of my followers and I find that I really like most of them.  Ok, I wrote most.  Yes, there was one critic that chose to rain on my parade.  I went into such a funk that I almost didn't write another word.  But, then something amazing happened.  OTHER BLOGGERS STARTED SUPPORTING ME AND IN SO MANY WAYS.  (SOME EVEN TOLD ME IT WAS OK TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IF I WANTED TO!)

So, my major and final reason reasons for blogging are (in no particular order):
George, and Patty, and Clenna, and Julie, and Nicki, and Madeline, and Desiree, and April, and Fran, and Elizabeth, and Gail, and Irene, and Lilly,  and Michele,  and Melynda, and Darlene, and Nick, and Baiba, and Carol, and Nezzy, and Eliza, and Carrie, and Lazaus, and Laila, and Ann, and Deb, and Donna, and Tray, and The Desert Rocks, and Oklahoma Girl, and Clipped Wings. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND COMMENTS DURING MY HIATUS.  

So, hopefully, my  break from blogging is over and maybe I can find something to blog about.  I hope to get you all back....Karen


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO happy to see your post again that I had to tell you NOW!!

    (After I "publish" this I'm scrolling back to read it.)

    1. OK, I read it. I don't really care why you blog--I'M JUST HAPPY YOU DO!! I know you'll be funny again because that's who & what you are. How often are you planning on posting?

      PS--Have you been getting my emails?

    2. Re your well deserved "fishducky approved" button--I've moved! I'm now posted as FISHDUCKY FRIDAY on Elisa's blog.

  2. THIS IS THE BEST SURPRISE I'VE HAD IN A LONG WHILE, KAREN!!!! How we have missed you and wondered about you and sent loving thoughts through the ether hoping they'd nudge you gently to remind you how much we really do all care. You probably won't believe this (yes, actually, I know you will!) but I thought about you quite suddenly and strongly, earlier on today while I was out in the garden (before I'd seen this post, which I've only just found now, several hours later!). I'd just felt so strongly that I needed to check up on you, just post a comment and say, "Hi Karen. We love and miss you. Hope all is well!" So, talk about ESP.

    It's wonderful to have you back and know that you are doing well. Getting out a bit more and yes, I know you will get out a lot more, yet. And BTW, your sense of humour has NOT deserted you. It's alive and well in this post!

    Here's a HUGE hug to make up for all of those you've missed out on while you were recharging your batteries. Remember, now is your time, OK??? Start to be selfish for a change...PLEASE!!! xoxo

  3. I left and had to come right back here, to check that my eyes weren't deceiving me :)

  4. HURRAY! Welcome back dear blogging friend. Blogworld is a better place with you in it.

  5. Oh Karen I have missed you so much! Are you going to only post on Monday's or what is your plan? I'm soooo glad you are back. I've missed you and was worried sick about you. Imagine my surprise when Des wrote me and said you were back!!! I don't care why you blog. I just want you TO blog. You are such an amazing woman and your stories are uplifting, touching and funny. I consider you a friend. So thank you for jumping back on here.

  6. Welcome back to the blogging world! (Although this is the first time I have come across your blog!) I love knowing when bloggers come back! I can relate to what you said about not liking to get followers the greedy way. I will occasionally take part in blog hops, and in fact I even run one of my own, but it doesn't quite feel the same was when you get a follower that will really be a reader and faithful friend!

    Welcome back! :)

  7. Toby is such a cutie! I'm glad that you're finally back. You've been missed young one.

  8. All very good reasons!

    Welcome back!!


  9. Ahh!! I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! =] Hopefully you feel well and I can't wait for your amazing storries :)

    Thanks for your comment :) I've been really lazy and busy so no new posts from me for now, but I'll be back soon ;D :)

  10. I'm soooo glad you're back! I actually had a dream about your blog last night! Crazy timing :)

  11. I'm so glad you're back. I think you should read my post about how you know you're blogging too much. I think I wrote it last month. By the way, I changed my avatar because some young 12 year old writer is using the same thing. So use my little rock with my hand painted palm on it for your side-bar ad. Love you. Eve:)

  12. Opened my blog this morning and saw your smiling face and it just made my day. Thanks for the nice comment KT, however, I wish I had half the adventures you have. You make life interesting every day and you have a natural gift to be funny and spin a tale. Yippee, Yahoo, NICE, Great, Wonderful - KT IS BACK, SO WATCH OUT BLOGSPHERE - get ready for some great stories and some great belly laughs. GREAT to get your post this morning.
    Reading your post made me laugh and honey, you can write in caps, you can scrawl, you can print really, really small, and we will all be laughing at the end anyway.
    Have a great day KT - Your friendly Atlantic Cdn.
    I agree with not getting followers with give-a-ways or freebies. There are followers who truly want to read your stories and there are followers who are just looking for free stuff - they might read too as I do not want to insult anyone, however I think the majority bookmark freebie sites and just check back for give=a=ways????? I have a small following, but I do know that my followers are checking in to read my STUFF :) Have a great day n welcome back my friend.

  13. welcome back to writing. I am a new follower of your blog and I totally relate to your reasons on why you blog. To me its my own personal space and I get to spew whats on my mind. Keep writing........I am sure there is lots in that brain of yours you want to share with others.

  14. I got your message on my defunct blog. I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing. I am glad you are writing on your blog again. I have missed blogging, but I just can't find the time. I am so busy homeschooling my 3 kids and my niece and then my place is the 'hang-out' spot in the neighborhood and I am up to my armpits with teenagers and kids from all over, all afternoon and evening. Sometimes I feel like I never leave the kitchen (teenage boys eat so much, they are like superhero/mutants!) Don't get me wrong- I am not complaining. I love having them around. I just don't have time for anything else. I am looking forward to summer break (yes, already counting the days), because this has been a very long school year. I only have myself to blame, because I have crammed so much in that I want them to learn. It is ironic that the laziest student I ever knew (myself) has become the most prolific instructor. In short- I miss you. Keep writing!

  15. YAY! I'm so happy that you are back! You have been greatly missed. It made my day, seeing that I had a comment from you! I can relate to a lot of your reasons for blogging. I'm looking forward to reading more of your great stories!

  16. I am sooooo glad to see you in print again.
    I love reading you because you jog memories of my past and I love to laugh at your stories.
    Keep up the good work.