Tuesday, May 1, 2012


May 1st:  I am trying to get ready to go to visit my daughter's and every FREAKING thing in this FREAKING world is going FREAKING wrong!

We have been having  FREAKING thunderstorms for three FREAKING days/nights straight (which means no FREAKING sleep)! Therefore there is about 4 inches of FREAKING water under my FREAKING house I had to FREAKING pump it out! 
This is a FREAKING picture of the FREAKING water
FREAKING' pumped out my FREAKING front door! 
It has rained so FREAKING much that the small FREAKING tree by my FREAKING front window is FREAKING leaning at a FREAKING 65 degree angle!

Not only that but I could hear a FREAKING loud drip...drip...drip in my FREAKING attic all FREAKING night.

In addition to all of this, I have to leave the FREAKING front door open so the FREAKING sump pump hose (which I had to FREAKING buy and hook up myself) can snake out the mFREAKING front door. Because of this a FREAKING huge fly just FREAKING buzzed by my FREAKING face.  She is probably going to lay a FREAKING ga-zillion eggs in my home and when I return I will find my FREAKING house filled with FREAKING flies!

My FREAKING refrigerator is leaking water onto the FREAKING kitchen floor, and my FREAKING toilet in the half bath is FREAKING cracked and needs to be replaced!

And, lest not FREAKING forget, that I have to contend with this FREAKING new blog program that is FREAKING confusing.

I am so FREAKING stressed out that it is a FREAKING good thing that I don't FREAKING use the FREAKING "F-bomb" because I would have already used it a FREAKING 40 times. 

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  1. I have SO many things to be thankful for--& one of the main things is that I don't live at your house!!

  2. hee hee...I know it is no funny when you are stressed but I like tht post and NOT becuase I want to see you suffer but I've not seen so many 'freaking's in any one place like that!

  3. this is freaking funny for me ;D you're funny even when you're mad ;D

    keep calm and carry on. Everything will be freaking fine :)

  4. You gotta FREAKING FRIEND right here. Girl, you crack me up, even when FREAKING everything FREAKIN' happens. Hope you get through all of this FREAKIN' stuff and hope you KILL the fly. Thinking bout ya.

  5. Take a deep breath and drift off to your happy place...a glass of wine might help also. Let me know if you ever get to go on that freaking trip.

  6. Hmmmmm...tell us how you really feel, Karen!

    Can't wait to see you girl

  7. Well,that all FREAKIN SUCKS!!! Sending you positive energy, healing vibrations, & HUGS!!!

  8. Oh darlin'...I hope you and the world 'round ya has settled down and all is well again.

    I hope you and daughter have a wonderful time.

    Breathe in.......breathe out....ahhhhhh. Feel better? Heeheehehe!

    Have yourself a blissfully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  9. What a Freaking mess! I'm messed up and chuckling. I can't help it. It's just funny that you said Freaking so much. I'm proud of you for not dropping the F-bomb! That took some serious control!

  10. I'm freaking laughing my freaking head off! I've had some freaking days like those, and they are no freaking fun! And, let me just say,it was so freaking good to hear from you! :)