Friday, November 19, 2010


Apparently I am going to have to wash dishes every hour!  Bummer!
You see, when I am washing dishes all sorts of blog ideas pop into my head. 

However, this creates a problem.  Wet, soapy hands are not conducive to grabbing a pen and jotting down notes on paper. 

For example, the other day, no less than 15 ideas popped into my head while I was cleaning up after my PIE fiasco (see blog #35).  By the time I dried off my hands, grabbed a pen and paper, the idea(s) were gone!

So, a brilliant thought prompted me to trot (I don’t run anymore, another story….WOW! another blog subject) to my room to find my old mini recorder I used to plan lessons (on my fifty-four minute drive to  school…and I have a doozie of a story about one of those drives…Wow! Another blog).  I haven’t used that recorder for 3 years and the batteries were still good (yep, I use those energizer bunnies).

I ran a check and then started to place the small device on the shelf above the sink.  After almost dropping the darned thing into the dishpan, I admonished myself to be more careful.  Just because I am doing a simple choir does not mean that it in not RIPE with all kinds of possibilities, considering my history (see MOST of my blog).

After making sure the recorder was secure I returned to washing dishes.  Guess what?  My brain got quiet, and this is not a usual thing.  In fact it was down right spooky!  I told you about my ADHD (see blog #29) and how my mind is always racing.  In fact this, for me, was VERY spooky.

I washed dishes for about 10 minutes and I had the equal number of minutes of dead silence.  OK, I guess I will have to go back to soggy paper notes.  OK, so. are you ready for it?  I reached for the recorder, fumbled it, and it plopped directly into the pile of dirty dishes soaking in the dishpan.

This time instead of grabbing a pen and paper I grabbed a towel and trotted to my computer to type out my new post. 

The tape recorder, batteries, and mini tape are now drying on the heater vent………Hummmm.  Wonder how much I could get for it at a tag (garage) sale?



  1. Just goes to show, the best ideas come when you're trying to do other things:)

  2. well, at least you tried...I think we have two of those cute little mini recorders with tapes and have never used either of them!

  3. I am currently laughing my butt off.. I have dropped my cell phone in the potty, my toothbrush also in the potty. Yesterday I made asperagus and dropped one in the dishwater but didn't realize it till I started washing dishes. As I absently picked it up thinking it was silverware I felt the texture and realized I was scrubbing the hell out of a nice veggie! Disturbing really.

  4. Gurgle, gurgle.
    All your mishaps make for some great blogs!

  5. UGH!!!
    ...sounds like something that would happen to me! my mind is always racing and thinking and compiling blogs and books and poetry...blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I feel like I live more in my head then I do in real life; oh well Darling life of a writer, I must say!
    you make me smile!

  6. I'd read this previously while plundering your archives...loved it then and enjoyed it a second time :)

  7. Crazy! Try putting the recorder in a bowl of dry, uncooked rice. It will help pull the moisture out. It works wonders on cell phones that are accidentally put through a few cycles in the washer.