Saturday, March 5, 2011


DISCLAIMER:  This is not one of my usual posts. But, I have been doing some heavy thinking and it's wearing me down.  Therefor I decided to share (after all this IS my therapy.  I guess that makes you guys my shrink).  If you choose to read on then you AUTOMATICALLY enlist as a "guest shrinks" and are expected to ride this out with me.

It is Tuesday, March 1st and I am sitting at my computer reading over all of the February comments I  received.  You see, I have been thinking about when the end will come.  No, Silly, NOT THAT!  I could care less about leaving this earth behind.  I was thinking about this blog.

My mind has been... ...(can't think of the word I want)... ... but I have been experiencing the...(I got it)... DOLDRUMS.  Perhaps this has been caused by the long, bleak, dreary, dismal, miserable, wretched, saturnine (look it up), frigid, snowy, winter. (See the depth of my condition?)  Perhaps it is because I reached my 70th birthday without achieving something extraordinary (like being national teacher of the year).  Perhaps it is because I am always late for everything (and just now experiencing a mid-life crisis).

Ahhhhhh, Mannnnnn, I knew it!  I answered all but 2 with YES.
On #1 my hair is already totally white
(I perfer to call it platinum blond).
On #6
(as you know) I just got a tattoo.
I need to recharge, get away, to something new besides body art!  But, I can't right now.  My dad needs me here.  He would be gone in three months if I put him in a nursing home (not to mention that we can't afford it).  I could go sky diving (there is a place only an hour away from here).  I could take scuba diving classes (there's a place only 30 minutes from here).  But what if I flame out or bubble up, who will take care of Dad?
Ok, Charlie pull the chord...
Charlie....Charlie....oh, $#*!
When I was teaching I would recharge every summer and greet the first day of school with all kinds of ideas and enthusiasm.  My promise to myself was that I would retire from teaching when it became hard for me to get pumped back up.  My promise was to quit teaching when it stopped being fun (and I kept that promise).

I have made the same promise to myself about this blog.  These last two weeks I have been worried that the time has already come.  I haven't felt particularly humorous lately (and that is what my blog is all about..sharing the the humor in my life).  I guess I bit off more than I can chew.  I shouldn't have tried to post daily but, everything I read about blogging said that daily post were necessary (that is if one wanted to have someone to read the blog and leave the nourishing comments).  I spend HOURS developing posts (and reading comments) and then more HOURS reading the posts of others and commenting (after all if one says they are a follower then they should follow...right?).  I am finding that I am up later and later, trying to keep up.

Will I burn out if I keep this pace up?  Maybe that is what I am experiencing.  Another fear I have is that I will run out of things to write about about which to write (oh bother, I worry about that kind of stuff too). 

So, I am in a quandary.  I know that with spring and summer coming soon I will want to get outside, do more, visit my daughter, and on and on.  Therefore I need to cut back, but where?

Maybe go to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule would help.  But, I love the Sunday's Song (so that has to stay).  Plus, I like Thursday's Therapy because I get to respond to the comments of others (however that is one of the harder posts to do and it takes me longer and gets more visits from the C.R.A.P. team).  I guess Totally Tubular Tuesday's could move to Wednesday (but, that is such a cool name for a post.  What could I call it if it moved to Wednesday?).  Friday Flash backs will stay for now as they are (obviously) the easiest ones to do (and they give me a chance to recycle some of my better posts to new readers).  Saturdays can be dropped because that is when I get the least traffic.  Ohhhh, mannn, this kind of thinking is a real bummer (I don't get headaches, but if I did I would be having one right now).

I guess I need to figure out why I am writing this blog in the first place.  Why would I want more readers or to even keep the readers I have?  Has this become an ego thing?  I HOPE NOT!

I started this blog because my daughter suggested that I write some of the stuff down that I share when I visit with her (face to face, on FB or over the phone).  She would crack up (but she has to, she's my daughter and she loves me).  

Then I thought it would be nice for me to write some of my stories down for my grandchildren to have as my gift to to them.

But, now, I seem to be writing more for YOU, my readers.  Although the subject matter is still about my goofy interactions with this world we live in, I have found that pleasing YOU has become more important to me.  My daughter laughingly called me a blog "ho" because your comments are a big payoff for me (I guess that would make my daughter my pimp because she started me off on this).  Actually, I think I am addicted (and before I "Sheen" I think I should take action).
No, I am not fishing for pats on the back, or encouragement, because you guys are already good about that.  However, if you have any suggestions, just spit it out.

After going through all of this I have made one decision...(see the therapy helps) I will be dropping  Thursday and Saturday.  Starting today I will let Friday's post hang over into Saturday and Wednesday's post hang over into Thursday. (Boy, I feel better already.)  I will make other decisions when spring finally gets here and maybe my funny bone will start tickling me once more (if I have to I will wash my feet in the basin again [see #47], maybe glue something else to the floor [see #148], pull another one of my Tim Taylor routines [see #138], or whatever I have to do to recharge).  I will probably post this several Saturdays so everyone can find out about my concerns and my new schedule.

Phew (3 hours later), I'm done!  Now I have Saturday, and Thursday to recharge.

kt 3/2011


  1. I hear you. (Is that a good enough response from your online 'guest shrink' ?

    No??? I SERIOUSLY hear you! Does that sound better?

    Still not? My goodness, woman, I can see you really DO need help!

    Back to seriously...I think what you're experiencing is probably a fairly common dilemma. I've only been at this a little over 3 months and I can already see signs of 'addiction' setting in.

    I think your plan to cut back is a HEALTHY approach. It's always important to keep things in balance!!!

    I started off posting often, so there would be something to read...but I've scaled back a bit now. I think you should do what feels RIGHT for you! You don't need to try to please anyone else. If your readers enjoy your blog, they will continue to visit when they have time and, from what I can see, you keep collecting new followers! I'm quite far down the line now, since joining just a few weeks ago :)

    Hang in there, Karen! You're a gifted writer/ blogger and you're not far off reaching your first 100 followers!!!

  2. I think that is a great compromise you came up with, to give you more time to decide what to do. And I don't think you need to spend so much time commenting on other people's blogs! Maybe once in awhile, but I get the feeling you are spending all day trying to be good follower and neglecting your own needs.

    I was thinking the same thing about the 100 follower thing; you are getting close and I remember just a little bit ago when Clenna was your only regular commenter, and now look how far you've come! You're doing great!

  3. I have another suggestion: post on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

    To me that sounds much more doable and enjoyable.

    On the days you don't feel like writing a whole bunch - post a pix or cartoon and make a comment - that's all
    Remember the KISS method - Keep It Simple.

  4. I've slowed my posting down to usually only one a week, and I still have new people that follow. Each post is getting more comments, because there is a longer time frame for the post to be read before I publish the next one. I think it is more the quality of what you post that keeps your readers reading, I don't think you will loose anyone from doing fewer posts. Your stories are well thought out, entertaining, lots of humor, you're an amazing writer and I always enjoy checking you out to see what is new.'re addicted a bit, we all go through that, I think. You just do what works best for will still have your loyal followers no matter what.

  5. Oh good lord! I did "Sheen" some time back when I was confronted and called a liar about something I wrote about the early days of my 43 year marriage to Patrick. I lost it! I became a bit flippant when I wrote and had a chip on my shoulder which I tried to hide. I deleted nearly every post I made and got laughed at by a couple of sweet blogging friends because I failed to understand how to get everything off before I attempted a more...acceptable post. I forget how the whole thing went down..I mean it HAS been a couple of years ago, and forget what happened an hour ago.

    Now...YOU have a brain that I covet! How you or anyone near like you, does it, I have NO idea..but it is fascinating! You relate things in a way that has me rolling...I mean have you ever thought something was so funny that you couldn't laugh because it was just so darned funny you couldn't stand it? Probably not, but I have...and your writing is exactly what I need! To laugh!

    I have NO advice what so ever because every single thing you say, I can relate to! It's hysterical. I've finally settled down to such things as posting a photo of boots I want to turn into planters...and nonsense like that. Like you...wonder if I have become an ego maniac because my spirits soar when I gain a follower and plummet when I lose one! See what I mean? I can't keep up with all of it either.

    My poor daughters...AND my husband..sort of edge away..and look desperate when I go on and on.....and on!! So I blog.

    Anyway, hugs for stopping by and commenting on my recent trip to ER HELL! I hope to God I never have to do it again. The folks that blog are the best, you included! They really are!

    End my blog? I'll probably die with my pathetic head on the keyboard!!