Sunday, May 29, 2011

SUNDAY'S SONG (What If - Nicole Nordeman)


  1. What a wonderful surprise to see you'd visited! It really has made my day! I'm so sorry to hear your Dad was hospitalised, but I guess at 100 years of age, it's bound to happen. I think of you so often, Karen...I do hope you're finding some time in your hectic schedules to be kind to yourself! Please don't take your own health and well-being for granted! You are not super woman, although I must say you certainly do seem to be closely related! Just please take care of're No 1, remember???

    Huge hug,
    Des xoxoxo

  2. *********************************************************************Hey, *******************FISHDUCKY, **************************************** how can I contact you and say thanks and welcome you to my family of followers? kt