Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I RECENTLY LEARNED HOW TO USE Ebay AND THIS WAS ONE OF MY SECOND PURCHASE (we won't talk about my first one).  HOWEVER, I AM A BIT STYMIED.  WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT LITTLE SIDE EGG SHAPED CUP FOR?  (Oh, mannnn, was that supposed to be written "For what on earth is that little side egg shaped cup?" I hate grammar!)  I read the wee instruction booklet and it mentioned nothing about this feature.

ALERT!  ALERT! She's going into one of those weird mental states where she lets her mind fly free.  Run, hide, or read on with caution.  If you choose to read on Don' blame me if you are offended   Better take this seriously as I am about to get gross!

Is that where a little chick sits while it watches it's little siblings in egg hell? (Can't say I didn't warn you!)

I can't believe my mind just came up with that...shudder!   Oh, mannnnn!  Here comes another idea.  What would I do if I cracked one of those hard boiled eggs and found...I can't even bring myself to say it.  Would I throw up?  No, the question would be WHERE would I throw up?

Being too freaked out by what my mind just conjured up I think it best to stop my musings.  Obviously this was not the day to let my mind out of its cage!

I did learn something from this purchase (besides how to bid on Ebay).  The manufacturer suggested using their little pin to pierce the egg so it wouldn't pop during the cooking.
Funny thing is I didn't find their "pin" until I accidentally pricked my finger on it yesterday.
It is imbedded in the black tray beside one of the egg holes.

So, why don't some of you ponder the purpose of the little egg thingy on the side.  To do this you should know that the black bottom is separate from the opaque top and the cooker bottom.  In the meantime I am going to contact the manufacturers and ask them.

(NEVER-MIND: couldn't find the manufacturers on line, THEY APPARENTLY ARE IN SOUTH AMERICA).

Take a "crack" at it and see what you can come up with.  
(Oh, mannnnn, was that supposed to be written, "...and see with what you can come up"... no that still end with a preposition.  Mannnnn!  I give up!).  And, while we are at it, should I have put a period after the parenthesis???
kt 12/2010

 P. S. Since I wrote this piece, the darned thing has bellied up.  It lasted a whole 4 months.  I am never buying on E-Bay again!  

kt 3/12/11


  1. My orginal thought was the same as yours. It's some kind of Hitler torture device for little chicks. hahaha. What can I say my mind is a bit sick today also.

  2. Interesting choice- considering you can cook eggs in three minutes on a stove. Hmmmm.LOL.

  3. Ohh man! That is too funny!I'm afraid my dull little mind hasn't come with anything remotely as original as you have. And, let me just say, I also break that rule about the prepositions at the end, as well as starting a sentence with "And".

  4. 1. That little egg shaped thing is for the 7th egg. The box says 7 units - so that's for the 7th egg. (seems like a waste, doesn't it?)

    2. Don't give up on Ebay. Write a complaint that says it died on you after a couple of months, it's from out of country, and you couldn't even find them on the net.

    3. Don't buy out of country on Ebay.

  5. This is eggactly what you can eggspect when you buy something from eBay,. It's no yolk,is it? I'd complain too, rather than chick it out.
    Do you give in yet?
    Dropped by to say a big hello and catch up on your posts. Now, what haven't I read yet?
    Hugs and fond wishes
    Carol XOXO

  6. This makes me wonder how my mom made eggs all those years without the pokey thingy.

    BTW- I tagged you at my place.

  7. Newer is not necessarily better or easier than older for eggs. I understand the same is true with husbands.