Monday, June 18, 2012


That's Jasper on the cat tree (no, that's not Kit).
When I lived in Southern California (60s-70s) I shared a duplex with my parents.  They were in the front and the kids and I were in the back.  This worked out really well, until our dog, Jasper (an adorable, but ornery Beagle) decided he liked roses. 

Mom had a large flower bed filled with beautiful roses in her part of the back yard.  She pruned and preened them almost every day.  She spent so much time with her lovely flowers that Jasper apparently thought it would be a good idea to help her.  He started digging in the beds around the base of the flowers.  And this, my friends, started the  "War of the Roses."

Mother complained to me, but I was away at work all day and didn't see how I could control Jasper's sudden interest in gardening.  I told her to just lock him on my side of the yard. But, the danged dog then developed a keen jumping style that propelled him over the short fence with little effort.

After talking with friends Mom came up with the idea of sprinkling cayenne pepper in the flower beds to make Jasper's gardening attempts less desirable (or so she thought).

One Saturday morning I heard this weird noise coming from the back yard.  There I found Jasper digging in the rose bed.  His beat red eyes were running profusely.  He was coughing and wheezing like an old worn out Model T.  As I stood there watching him excavate the loam he sneezed at least a dozen times.

I felt sorry for him, but it served him right for digging.  Finally, he gave up and went to the side of the yard to brood and rest up his respiratory system.  Now, it is important for you to know that Jasper was a VERY smart dog.  He was actually planning his next foray into the rose garden.

That next week I got a call from Mom while I was at work.  "He's really done it now!"  She exclaimed.  Confused, and thinking she was talking about my son, I replied, "What did Skipper (my son's child hood nick-name) do?"  "Not Skipper, "my  mother testily replied, "Jasper!"  She related to me how Jasper waited patiently by the back door until she stepped out.  Then he ran to one of the rose bushes, plucked a rose off and tossed it into the air.  When mother shrieked, Jasper knew he was on the right track and plucked some more.  Mother took chase and the war effort was doubled. 

Unfortunately for Jasper he was soon taken prisoner and chained to the back of the garage.  Her orders were that he was not allowed in the back yard unchained.  Well, what good is a dog if the kids and I could not play freely with it.  He was such a hyper-active animal that after a while I felt it was crewel to keep him chained up.  But, Jasper ended up winning after all as he was dispatched to heaven. wasn't put down!  I wouldn't do anything like that.  You see, I found him a home at a farm that raised beagles and since he was from a long line of prize winners the good ole boy was put out to stud!  Maybe this was his plan all along!!!!!!!

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  1. Good Ole Jasper - that is quite a story and I like how Jasper used his intelligence and figured and kept figuring out how to get to his roses - quite a clever dog, eh. Good to hear he retired to a farm and gets to see all the girls of his dreams. ha,ha
    Nice post KT - how ya doin?

  2. Thanks for the note KT - I do know how you feel about that FIRST Father's Day, as I also lost my Dad 5 years ago, just before Father's Day. I know there was much love in your heart and that he was your shining star and a great Dad. It showed in how you cared for him and talked about him. I guess the thing that you think about are your memories and the great times you got to share with him all those wonderful years and consider how lucky you were to have such a great Dad, where many do not. It's quite normal to grieve and to miss him and be sad, however, would he want you to to grope along in sadness, or want that funny kid of his to get back up on her feet and give that ole KT giggley way - to now share the next step of her life with her family, friends and neighbours. It doesn't happen overnight KT, but one good step is your weekly post and I look very much forward to reading and laughing or sharing your sadness. Take care kiddo, you sound like the neighbour I would like to have next to me. Have a great day and take care. Now, read this again and think about it :)