Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today I trimmed the grass around the Spirrea bushes out front.

I had to wait until after the dinner meal because it had been too hot to do it during the day.  Apparently other creatures were thinking the same way.

I managed to get the job done after one shriek (a snake), one eeeeek (a toad), three ewew (slugs) a yuck (toadstool - to go with the toad I suppose), and an Awaahhhhh (a lightening bug).

The snake was a small hog nose,
The toad had lost one of his toes.
The slugs were disgusting,
The toadstool decomposing,
And the lightening bug blinked as it rose.

Actually this was a perfect ending to a not so perfect day.  I love nature and all that goes with it (even with the shriek, eek, ewe, yuck and especially with the Awaahhh).
kt 2010

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