Tuesday, November 23, 2010


An incident several months ago has been on my mind and prompted me to post what I used to say to parents.

"I truly believe that teenage is a DIFFICULT PERIOD OF INSANITY. Our job, as parents and teachers is to get them through it without any permanent damage!" kt

Several high school students in the area went car surfing one night.  They were riding the top of a truck cab when the predictable happened.  The driver hit a bump, and went into the ditch.  One boy was found unconscious and draped over a barbed wire fence (he broke his back).  All were seriously injured and one of the girls almost lost a leg.  They were in critical condition for a while, but they all survived.

kt 2010


  1. How sad. You are so right about helping these kids get through this 'I'm immortal stage".

  2. Pat used to do this. I just hope Logan doesn't get that from his Dad.

    I'm not looking forward to the teenaged years.