Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My mother (God rest her soul) was a real card!  I guess this is where I got part of my _____ (I don’t really know what word to put in here, and you can bet that I won’t ask my son-in-law).

I think I got my sense of humor from my dad’s side of the family (English and Swedish).  Most of my memories of them are filled with laughter that always accompanied visiting them.   There was laughter on my mother’s side of the family too (English and German).  But the German influence of my great grandparents stifled the gene pool, a little.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I was about to tell you about  a Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Marjorie’s (many years ago).

Mom had a partial plate to fill in where ….well you know.  She was very fastidious about cleaning it (definitely a German trait…fastidiousness, that is).  She was not so fastidious about where she put it, once clean.

I was over at my parents’ house watching my mother bustle through the house earnestly looking for her partials (teeth).  She was muttering the entire time.  Her search took her to every nook and cranny of every room.  She came up empty.  Finally, she threw up her hands and said, “Ok, lets go, I am never going to find them.”  Then she said, “I’ll just keep my mouth shut and not talk.”  Well, that caused guffaws from both my dad and me.  You see, I definitely know which side of the family my verbosity comes from.

Now, picture an idyllic Thanksgiving table with about 10 family members sitting around it passing dishes and salivating.  Aunt Marjorie was one of the best cook in the family (although related I did not inherit her skill….see blogs #29, 35 and a future blog entitled FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE). 

Suddenly, Mom yelped and jumped in her chair.  She then reached into her bra and withdrew her teeth and loudly exclamed, “There you are!”  All eyes at the table were instantly glued on Mom.  She looked up, smiled and said, “They bit me!” and then popped the partial into her mouth.  The laughter coming from that house could be heard for miles.



  1. I laughed so hard that chai tea nearly came out of my nose. ew! :P i'll be working today, so no denture endeavors at my house, maybe next year!

  2. Hey mom, don't forget about the one where you dropped the plate. You totally need to tell that one. It was awesome!

  3. Hahaha - my grandmother never bothered. She just went without teeth!