Saturday, January 29, 2011

#114-AND I QUOTE: “Eweuuuuuuu!”

Woops there goes another
rubber tree plant!

-         When I was in college at San Jose State I had a beautiful rubber tree plant, BUT one of my “room mates” had a cat.  Now, this cat (much to my dismay) apparently heard the word flowerpot and zeroed in on the word POT because that is what she used it for!

She refused to use her sand box.  She, (being a persnicity feline) preferred the natural earthier comode provided
by the unwitting plant's owner.  The “ROOM MATE” would scoop out the more disgusting part of the cat’s deposits, however this left the foul odor to contend with.  ‘THE ROOM MATE” (who was becoming less popular as the days wore on) would occasionally scoop out some dirt and pour in some fresh soil (didn’t help much).

Finally the end of the semester came and we all headed home.  She with her cat, and I with a sickly plant (and a friend who was going to stay with me).  The plant was placed on the back seat of my small car along with most of our stuff.  We had to drive with the windows down because of the stench coming from the plant (but I was determined to get her home, repot her, and once again have a beautiful, flourishing rubber tree plant).

Halfway home I got sleepy and my friend volunteered to drive for me.  She had never driven
a Renault before (it was a cute, small, rear engine, French car that got great gas mileage).  
We were about to experience what it was like to FLIP a cute, small, rear engine, French car that got great gas mileage.

Debbie was changing lanes only to discover that there was a crack between the two lanes.  When the small tires momentarily caught on the crack it caused the car to swerve.  When Renne’ (that’s what I called my car)  swerved Debbie over corrected and the little car darted quickly to the left (toward the center median).  The die was cast.  A witnesses said, “One minute she was traveling down the road then she went into a zigzag.  Before I could blink she went right into the grassy part and flipped!”

I was sleeping and rudely awakened by a scream.  When I opened my eyes I was sitting with my feet hanging out the front window with dirt all over me.  

Debbie and I were fine, but the car wasn’t (neither were my Mom and Dad.  You see this was the second time they had to pick me up after an accident on the way home from college = another story).

Since my friend and I had a few hours to kill (waiting for my parents to drive up the coast road) we went to a movie.  First, we went to the restroom to wash up.  It was then that I noticed that Debbie had dirt in her ear.  In fact she had it all over.  About the same time she noticed I was covered, also.  At the same time we BOTH knew where all of that dirt came from (THE PLANT) and squealed, “Eweuuuuuuu!” simultaneously!

You should have seen the looks of the patrons visiting the restroom as we stripped and washed every inch of our bodies!  We never even got to see the movie.  We were too busy trying to dry our clothes (and that was before they had hand blow dryers)!

Oh, yes, "The plant?" you ask.  I have heard stories of an extremely large rubber tree plant growing on on the median somewhere outside of San Louis Obispo.

And, "The room mate?" you wonder.  Me too, never saw her again (by design).
(Wait, aaah, Joy, if you are reading this I really didn't mean that last comment, honest!)

OK, here's my chance to try something new.  
Is this story 100% true, partly true, or a total fabrication?  
Let me know what you think when you comment.





  1. You silly girl - partially true!

  2. I put my rusty penny on true for Win.
    False for Place
    ....and True for Show!

  3. With my crazy life I totally believe this. Am I gullible or what?

  4. Oh! Well, my goodness! I have absolutely NO reason to believe it is NOT the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Not a reason in the world! is the truth.
    Mona :)

  5. Pssssst.. You lie and I'll swear to it! LOL

  6. Partially true?

    Funny story!!

    Have a good week!

  7. Hi Karen!

    I was away all of yesterday &, earlier on today when I was checking everyone's blogs for new material, I was unable to access this :( A page popped up on my screen informing me that 'THIS PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND - SORRY!' Anyway, I've just had a well-deserved, late afternoon nap (which had started off as a 'lie down & read' session) & have come to look again...your new post was up, so I'd checked that one out, then scrolled to the bottom of the page to access this one, too ;) VOILA! It came up :)

    Now, you asked a couple of questions veiled neatly as one. I'll do my best to respond...

    Is the story TRUE? Yep!
    Is the story PARTIALLY TRUE? Yep!
    Is the story TOTAL FABRICATION? Yep!

    Good, covered all possible options there, so I'm pretty sure I'll get at least ONE of them right, when you score our comments ;) Clearly, the TEACHER has not retired!

    Great story, by the way - some positively hilarious descriptions!

  8. Since you seem to have the same luck as me, I am guessing that this is at least partially true. The part that would be hard for me to believe, is the cat peeing in the plant thing. Oh, I believe it would do it, but if it was me, the cat, roommate or both would have disappeared after the second incident.

  9. Partially true...but to the post-er cat sometimes pees on one of our big houseplants! And I allow it cuz I don't know how to stop her, and it's only the one plant so that corner of the house smells like pee. I tried putting up barriers, like a sheet of bubble wrap on the plant etc. but it didn't stop her!