Thursday, January 27, 2011

#112-THURSDAY'S PICK (April)

I love reading people's comments.  Therefore,  have decided to feature comment(s) on Thursdays.  Of course this will fall FLAT if you guys aren't making comments!  This is no longer an issue.  In fact, I have so many wonderful comments to choose from that I am having a hard time keeping up.  THANK YOU!  ALL OF YOU!

ape2016 on #74-THE LAST SANTA on 12/20/10
I believed until I was 12. I was very determined to believe and (since I couldn't stand most other kids) I wasn't inclined to listen to what they said. I mean they had already tried to impart some sex ed and that was so bizarre as to be unbelievable (who knew!?). I wanted my kids to believe for the longest time, so I have always gone above and beyond and my two youngest still believe. My oldest who is 12 found out last year simply because she wouldn't stop being nosy. One year, we lived in a big, nice house with a huge yard- this was quite an experience since we had always lived in apartments and trailers. I was determined to make the most of it. We watched The Polar Express repeatedly that season, and when Christmas Eve came I put the kids to bed and set to work. My parents helped me and we had a blast. First, we had to eat the cookies left for Santa and have some milk, making sure to leave lip prints on the glass. We always left apples and carrots for the reindeer outside, 
so my dad took huge bites out of the apples (to imitate a reindeer bite) and we munched the carrots, leaving lots of dropped bits (reindeer are messy eaters). I took dirt and mud and made hoof prints on the porch and down into the yard. I used 2 boards, evenly spaced to simulate sleigh tracks in the yard and the final touch was 4 shiny silver sleigh bells that 'fell' off Santa's sleigh in the yard. Luckily, there was a bell for each child. The kids were so excited and even though there is some proof of Santa each year, this is the one the kids always talk about. Isn't it amazing what parents will do to preserve magic for a child?
You left out something that would have really convinced them:
kt 1/22/11


  1. That reminds me of a time when my oldest two became 'noisy'. (they knew it was their parents and they decided to find all the gifts) They searched high and low and finally found the 'atari' (now that really dates me). Later I could tell they had been there. I gathered them together and I was furious. I told then that the surprise on their faces on Christmas morning was their parents' gift. Because they had found one surprise and maybe more, they were taking Christmas morning away from their Dad and me. They felt terrible. I said I would never hide their gifts again and they could see them anytime they wanted. I went to the closet door and said 'everything is in here, come see'. They both ran from the room yelling - no. From then on I left everything in my room and threw a blanket over everything. They always asked if anything was exposed before entering my room. They never went searching again.

  2. Hi Karen! Just got your email. The post is fine on my computer. Sorry for the hurried response I'm not supposed to be online - I'm supposed to be ironing!

  3. Hey, you picked me!! And the post looks great on my computer. Thanks for sending folks my way. I blog whatever drivel crosses my mind, but I love replying to comments people leave.

  4. Wow....that was sweet and creative, all rolled into one....:)

  5. wow, Karen, I haven't been online much lately, and today I went to "check up" on your blog, and wow, you have a lot more followers and regular commenters, and blogger awards...that is so great! I knew once word got out you would have a lot more readers. And a lot more to come! Keep up the hard work! But maybe now you don't feel like you have to "work" so hard at it.