Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wrong hand but I wanted to

give you a hint. 

In order to understand the title you
MUST view this clip.
What’s wrong with a world in which even staple guns are can’t be standardized?  Isn’t it bad enough that every cell phone requires a different charger, that different computer stuff is made to be incompatible….I had better stop here because this list can go on for days!  So, back to the staple gun….
In the early 2000s I was  finishing up a clubhouse I built for my grandson.  It was a large 8 x 8 construction (mostly because I could only find plans for a storage shed) and I was feverously (actually I was freezing because it was November) working to finish the inside, and it was my FIRST construction job, ever!
Since I wanted him to be able to heat the place with a small space heater and I was installing insulation in the walls.  I had left my staple gun at home and so I borrowed my son’s. 
Loaded and ready to go I put up a roll, held it at the top [high over my head], and placed the staple gun onto the paper.  (So far, so good)  I pulled the trigger and nothing happened.  Well, I mean there wasn’t a staple where I expected one to be.
Now, had I been paying attention I would have noticed a slight pinging sound on the opposite side of the room.  But, I didn’t hear the sound.  I checked the chamber where the staples belonged and, yep, it was full.
I decided that the problem was that I was trying to pop a staple with the gun above my head.  Therefore, I retrieved a ladder and tried the maneuver again.  Only, this time, to be sure, I placed the palm of my left hand on the back of the gun to hold it firmly in place.  I pulled the trigger and, this time, SOMETHING HAPPENED!
To my surprise, I realized that I had just stapled my glove to the palm of my left hand (not a good thing).  For a second I just stood there, frozen, on the ladder, looking at the staple embedded in my glove.  I fleetingly thought to my self, “Oh, Mannnnnn!  This is going to hurt,” and then it did!
I don’t know why I was so surprised.  This wasn’t the first DUMB THING I did on this project [or in my life = see #22, oh heck see most of my blogs].  So, I gingerly pulled the staple from my glove, pulled my glove from my hand, and looked at my handiwork.
After a short first aid break (yes, because of my propensity for small accidents, I am always prepared) I went back to finish the job.
There will probably be another blog highlighting other incidents with this particular project, as there were several.  As Bugs Bunny used to say, “WHAT A MAROON!”

kt 11/7/10


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  2. OUCH!! Don't you just love when you do something stupid then you have split second just waiting for the pain to catch up? I know I do.

    BTW- I was already a follower- 2nd line, 2nd from the left. That's me. I thought I'd already followed you. I like funny people.

  3. Oh well..if you are a maroon (sp?) then so am I! I hate staple guns, even this little thing on my desk gives me fits. One in fifteen goes into the paper correctly!

    YOU built a playhouse?? Wow! YOU AM SMARTER than I am! I have a very small doll house kit that I am afraid to undertake..and then I come and read this! I can't wait for the next installment! :) Um...your hand WAS alright wasn't it?

  4. ...excuse me...that is spelled moron. :) I..think the other is a "color"..sorry.

  5. Thanks for the clip of Bugs Bunny. I love Bugs Bunny and I never heard him say this....
    I knew there was a method to your madness. LOL.

  6. Guess who the maroon is? LOL I didn't even play the clip. *sigh* I MISSED THE WHOLE BLASTED POINT! So what else is new. Thanks for straightening me out~! LOL

  7. Too funny - I try not to do projects as this magnitude for that very reason!

  8. I hear you. I bought some staples for the staple gun recently, assuming once size fits all - wrong!

  9. Oh my, that musta hurt! Good thing there was a glove in between the staple and your hand! Oh, btw, I think I found your site through another blog that we both visited, saw your comment and just popped in! I know, I wasn't even invited! But, here I am!

  10. I'm puzzled! I missed out on this post, as it did not appear on my daily list of new posts to read! Are those computer poltergeists still plaguing you by any chance? Carol seemed to think they'd been hitting on her the other day! Now I think they're hitting on me!

    I really LOVE the new, improved YOU! So much more beautiful than that old hag with a fag that you posted some weeks back. Seriously, Karen, this is a super photograph and we can see the naughty glint in your eyes and in your's so YOU!

    Now, on to this post! I just love you to bits, Karen! You have to be one of the funniest, clumsiest, sweetest, kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. You are truly priceless!! I hope your whole family know how very, very lucky they are to have a daughter, mother & grandmother like you.

    And, on top of that, I salute you for even attempting to build your grandson a clubhouse! What a wonderful Gran you are!!!

  11. I'm back!

    While I don't have any objection to being called 'ole gal,' it's the 'get a grip' part I'm here to complain about (said with a distinctly indignant tone!)

    It's your computer gremlins/poltergeists that are to blame...last Sunday's song was on my reading list, for today! No kidding! And Friday's Maroon post has still not appeared. I found it by clicking on the NEXT post button at the bottom of LAST Sunday's Song!

    It's those gremlins that have it all in their grip, Karen!!!

    Was great to have you pop by...I'll be 56. Who told you? Only Carol knew...CAROL!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't pretend you're too sick to come when you're called!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. "WHAT A MAROON" -- love it, havent heard that in ages!!!

  13. So, you really subscribe by the 'blood, sweat and tears' method of DIY projects.

    See, this would never have happened to me, because if I can't use duct tape to fix it, I am beyond my skill level.

  14. First I'm jealous that you are allowed to use a staple gun. (I've been banned from anything sharp or potentially harmful to myself or others.) Second I have to say that I have a first aid kit for the exact same reason. My family says i am an accident waiting to happen. Another thing we have in common. haha