Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have decided to try another new idea.  Every Tuesday I am going to post something current.  Usually I edit a piece to death before it gets posted.  Honestly it takes from 3 weeks to two months for me to get a piece from first draft to posted.  There are several reasons for this (I am, also, going to give bullets a try while I explain).  

By the way, my grandson tells me that tubular (although not used much any more) means awesome.
  1. I am very insecure about posting my writing.  Really, I can't see why anyone but my daughter would want to read my stuff.  She thinks I'm great (but she's supposed to). My grandson thinks I'm funny (but he is now 15 and likes my car).
  2. I'm always afraid that someday I will check comments and see NOTHING! or worse yet see a really mean comment.
  3. I am a techno-idiot.  Right now I can't even believe that the number 2 came up where it is supposed to.  For example, I have been blogging since July 2010 and I just recently learned how to post a button (took me 2 months) I frequently loose entire posts into the C.R.A.P. never-never land (see blogs 48 and 58 if you want to understand that comment).  I have one blog that keeps posting itself even though it is not scheduled to go on until 2/3.
  4. Most of my posts are scheduled at least three weeks away from the day I post them.  I seem to stress over something coming up that would cause me to miss a day.
  5. (Woooo Hoooo the 4 showed up!)  I worry about things to say or that things I say aren't interesting to others.  I worry that something I said might offend someone.
  6. And, the biggest thing is probably that I am thin skinned, and I am easily hurt.
  7. Another, point is that I CAN'T SHUT UP once I get started.  I have been known to sit here for hours and hours just typing away on pages and pages.  It is very difficult for me to cull out the unnecessary. Case in point...I am already on #7 and headed for #8 borrrrrrrring!
To make it easy on myself I am going to tell you about my new puppy.  
On December 28th my dad and I were on our way back from our usual gourmet meal at McDonald's (an entire story on its own) and I watched a customer walking her dog on McDonald's beautifully manicured lawn (they must love that).  I remember sighing and saying to my dad (who can't hear a thing I say, and likes it that way),  "Luke (see #104) has been gone for six years.  I really miss having a dog."   

As we headed down the road toward home I sighed and said, "God, I want a puppy to love!"  About 50 yards further down the road sat a nice car with a travel kennel beside it.  In that kennel were two adorable spotted Cocker Spaniels (Thank you God!). I threw on the breaks, swerved into the Orchlein's parking lot, in and out of a pot hole, jumped out of my car, and started inquiring about the puppies.  I had heard of this lady's kennel (a local one) so I knew it was reputable.   I was watching the two little males wrestling.  When she told me that they were AKC registered my heart hit the pavement so hard it popped another pot hole.  I knew I couldn't afford to buy a registered Cocker.  But, then she said, the magic words, "THEY ARE ON SALE!" I immediately replied, "I'll take the one on top." 

We took care of business and then I stuffed the now trembling little guy (2 months old) in my coat and headed home.  It was love at first sight (love that only diminished slightly when I put him in my cat kennel for the night).  I had to sleep on the floor with my fingers through the wire door to get his plaintiff cry down to a whimper.  Nothing else seemed to soothe him.  Have you ever smelled puppy breath?  I really don't know how to describe it but it is sweeter than alfalfa after a summer rain. I fell asleep happy.  He fell asleep only to wake up every 2-3 hours to go potty.  We continued that routine for about 4 days.

I struggled for days trying to come up with a name.  Friends, children and grandchildren all tried a hand at it.  Each day I tried on a new name only to find out it wasn't going to stick.  One day, my grandson said, "That dog is going to be permanently scarred if you don't come  up with a name soon."   Then, suddenly, one name lasted into the second day.  Toby, his name is Toby. (However, by the time he got this name he actually thought his name was "you little $#!!" because he was getting into so much trouble.)

When I registered him I needed more than one name so he became Totally Tubular Toby!  And here's his picture:

Sorry, couldn't resist it!

Here is Toby:

Toby is a real card and I have already figured out that he is smarter than me. My training started the minute he snuggled into my coat.   I will be writing about his antics and believe me they are classic puppy antics.  He makes me laugh several times an hour.  he will be three months old on the 28th of this month (that means that he is in his terrible twos).
Next Tuesday, maybe I will tell you why he is BANNED from the bathroom!  Nope can't, that is when the giveaway my daughter is sponsering for me willbe announced.  The following Tuesday then.  Nope, that will be my dad's 100th birthday blog.  Ok, ok gotta rearrange some things.  I'll get back to you.
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  1. You got me!!! As I was reading and then saw the first dog picture (of the crazy one) I almost spewed coffee!
    It took me over a week to name my Mazie. The grand kids all loved Daisy but I thought that was a very common name and I didn't think she looked like a Daisy. My son like Bailey. But that didn't fit either. As I was watching her play in the grass I kept thinking her yellow, white fur looked like maize corn - waa-la - the name Mazie came to be. She is the best!

  2. Toby is cute and I'm glad he's not the funny looking hairless wonder you first put in for a laugh. Thanks for the smiles.

  3. I've been away from home all day and your blog is the first I've come to catch up on. Yet another great read - THANK YOU!

    Now, if I may say so...I cannot understand WHY you feel so insecure about your writing, Karen! You aren't meant to agonise, I don't think??? But, then, I'm not trying to be a writer ;) I just sit down and type, until I've run out of things to say, give it a quick once over to check for typos and spelling & then upload it.

    You, on the other hand, write SO WELL (and, obviously from a place of deep passion, after reading today's post!). You are so amusing and insightful and yes, the agonising bit comes out in the way you will stress about all kinds of probabilities/possibilities and potentially over-looked probabilities/possibilities, but that's what makes you so darn FUNNY! That's what makes your writing uniquely yours and so enjoyable to read. So, give yourself a break, will you...STOP being your own worst critic and stop worrying about what anyone else out there thinks. Just keep writing, because you're very, very good at it! Remind yourself, you're not in competition with anyone (or are you?) and you cannot possibly go through life not offending some people somewhere along the way. Someone will always take offence, no matter how politically correct you try to be, so it's no use worrying about that, either. Besides, you're writing comedy/farce/humorously & intentionally writing to give your readers a laugh. Not everyone shares the same sense of humour or value system and so it's inevitable that you'll occasionally say something that someone might object to...but that's really THEIR problem, not yours! You're not claiming to be someone you aren't, you're not selling anything (& even if you were, then they can choose not to buy it!)...you're just a delightfully 'quirky', super-duper open, honest, happy soul sharing your extremely funny stories & personal take on life. I think you provide a breath of fresh-air!

    Now, on to Toby - he's GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to follow his story with you.



  4. He is sooooooo cute !!!! Absolutely adorable!!

    And hey- you are already ahead of me on this blogger thing! I don't know how to make a button! I have attempted ( and I use that term loosely) multiple time, researched for months and still can't figure it out.

    Have a good Tuesday!!

  5. I found you over on Desiree's blog and had a good chuckle at your comments! Just cute as heck!
    Your puppy is adorable..but to be honest...I'm glad mine is now five years old. I'm still not over training her and going through feeling like I was in puppy hell!
    Oh, but they are SO worth it when it's over...sorta like your children!