Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#118-SEX, LIES, AND VIDEO TAPES (ok, mostly lies)

Hey, a big thanks to Carol ( for passing on 'The Memetastic Award.'  Carol wrote, "This is a different award to those usually given and requires a cunning skill; lying!"

First, I want to thank all of those people in my life who taught me how to lie fib embellish the truth.  The first thank you goes to my many high school students (and their lost homework stories).  The next thanks goes to all the politicians who paved the way.  But, most of all, thanks to my college chum, Sally, who convincingly assured me that she wasn't sleeping with my boyfriend (until she got pregnant). 

As a condition of this award I have to demonstrate my skill by writing five facts about myself.  Four of them have to be out and out lies fibs fabrications embellished facts!
But, wedged in there somewhere needs to be one, 100% TRUE, fact.  

Now, the hard part.  I have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers.  
So, here they are (and in no particular order) TAG...YOU'RE IT: 

I said a worm study,
not a worm studying!
1.  It was hard but I ate a spoonful of worms one time.  My kids and I were touring a worm experimentation station outside of Stockton , Missouri.  They were studying worms as a source of food.  The technician offered, my kids dared me, so I did!  The thing is, they weren’t half bad!

2.  Sorry to say, but I have been in nine MAJOR traffic accidents and totaled five different vehicles. One of which I wrote about in my blog.  The one on August 5, 1995 danged near killed me and is the subject of one of my future blogs.
Awhhhh, Mannnn! Not another one!

Give him hell, Harry 
3.  My maternal grandmother used to cook for Harry Truman when he came to the  Tom Pendergast compound outside of Kansas City.  My dad even met Truman when he delivered one of Nanaw’s meals.  Dad was leaving as Truman was arriving.  The guard greeted Truman with, “Well, if it isn’t Harry Ass Truman!”

This is a possible example.  
quarantine am devious, this pic could
bean attempt to throw you off! 
4.  I save my toenail clippings and burry them in my vegetable garden, in the spring.  My grandmother insisted that it helps them grow better.  (Not my toenails silly, the vegetables!)  She even took me to her garden and showed me plants without toenail clippings and plants with.  The difference was amazing!

5.  I have been blessed with some of the most interesting pets.  I once had a pot-bellied pig named Princess!  Now Princess didn’t know she was a pig.  I made her sleep outside with the dogs and she thought she was a dog.  In fact she actually barked and wagged her tail.  When I moved to town I had to give her petting zoo.  She is happy there but seems to miss being a dog.
"PRINCESS"  in waiting (in quarantine
area before being adopted by
the zoo)
SIDE NOTE:  And this is true... I just figured out that I can use the key commands for bold, italic and underline and don't have to use the buttons on the header of the draft page.  Boy am I slow!
Now, the hard part.  I have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers.  
So, here they are (and in no particular order) TAG...YOU'RE IT:

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT.....where is the truth in all of this?   The answer will be on #128   (The Feb. 12th issue of my EMBELLISHED life). 
kt 2/1/11


  1. Haha! What fun! I think the true one is about the motor vehicle accidents. Is the thing about the roommate Sally, true? Cause OMG!!! Thought I had lousy men in my life!

  2. OOOO! This is a TOUGH one! Carol's seemed a lot easier to crack. I'll have a go, but I'm not holding my breath this time...

    1. I think it's possible you took the dare, but I'm not convinced you'd have eaten a WHOLE spoonful of the little blighters, unless they were deep fried and dipped in something yummy. So, I do believe you ate 1, or maybe even 2 worms, but not a spoonful - so, not true!

    2. I believe you might have been in several accidents, but 9 is pushing things. And I don't believe you wrote-off more than 1 car, 2 at a push. Otherwise, for sure, you're the proverbial 'cat with 9 lives!' So, again, not true!

    3. This could be true, but not so sure about the greeting's comment (I'd have believed you if it was said out of earshot of Truman himself). I was also momentarily confused as to why your father would be delivering your maternal grandmother's meal to Truman, but then he was likely either dating or already married to your mother at the time. Doubtful of this being 100% true.

    4. I think the saved toenail clippings is possible, but YUK! Who on earth would do that??? And, if they did, who'd be brave enough to ADMIT it! Please, please, please let me be right on this! So, I'm doubtful that this is true.

    5. Now, the PIG story - I have no problem believing that! However, I would like to hear a pig barking, myself. So, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt with THIS one & say... No5 is the truth.

  3. It's me, myself and I counting again.....

  4. Oh Karen I'm still laughing at this. It was well worth all the effort you have put in and I can't work out which one is the lie. I don't really mind any more as I love them all...actually I'd quite like you to have owned a pig called Princess who barked. I wouldn't be surprised though if you ate the worms as a dare cos that's the sort of thing I would do.
    You are a genius and thank you for taking up the baton. You've made my afternoon.
    Guess what? I didn't know you could do that stuff holding down keys either.

  5. Thank goodness I wasn't awarded this one. I'm a terrible fibber.
    I'm also gullible- probably all true!

  6. You just crack me up.

  7. Has to be the car accident - but 9?

  8. Wow, you are a great embellisher! These are all pretty good. I think I'm going to go with the worms and say the accidents are only partly true.

  9. Thanks !!! :) Sorry , I would have replied earlier, but I was gone ALL DAY! (errands stink!) :) Thanks for the sidebar bit! That's really sweet of you