Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I found this a couple of months ago and I immediately knew I had to use it!

Ok, I turned 70 on February 4th and I am "supposed" to be old by a lot of peoples standards.  In fact, I found out that most "old folks" like me don't even have a computer.  And if they do, they mostly use it to send and receive Emails.  When trying to find bloggers 6o and over I came up with very few.  So, you can see why I was a little bit reluctant to divulge my age.  Readers, might be turned off by this OLD GEEZER'S writings.

Nobody said getting old would be easy.  But it is easy.  It is too easy, and happens too fast.  In fact I do not consider myself old, even when I look in the mirror.  What's not easy is trying to grow old gracefully.  There are daily reminders that pop up when you least expect them (like the mirror).  The other day I passed the bathroom mirror and was startled to see my mother's reflection.  Mannn, when did I start to look like her?

Then, there are friends who remind me what a joke life can be.  And, there are a lot of funny things that happen at each stage of life, even old age.  A friend sent me these cartoons.

Yes, I have already gone through three of the four stages of aging!

And, this IS an accurate diagram of my day!

I was almost this bad before my cataract surgery!

Finally,  I do consider this one as too close to the truth.
(the caption reads, "I'm getting so old that all my friends in heaven will think I didn't make it!")

The thing is the older I get the closer to God I get and that's something to look forward to.  So, here is some advice from this OLD GEEZER... ... ... easy to give, but hard to follow... ... ... 
  • turn your troubles over to God  (talk to him) 
  • follow God's commandments (read His word)
  • laugh as often as possible, and carry a smile on your face (even when you don't feel like it)
  • don't hold grudges (forgive easily) 
  • tell loved ones (and friends) daily, how much you care for them
  • respect yourself (but put others first)
  • do your best at everything you do  (but don't try to please everyone)
  • reward yourself when you have done well (because others often forget to)
  • be honest with yourself (and others)
  • make sure your words are nurturing (not hurtful)
  • hug a lot (the person standing next to you may not show it, but probably needs one too)
  • do something positive to help the environment (every little bit helps)
  • eat your prunes (just threw that in there to make sure you were paying attention, I can't stand those things and don't eat them).
  • remember that movie "Pay It Forward?" (Well, we all need to do a lot of small pay it forwards!)
Nothing new or mind blowing here.  Just plan ole common sense.  The more you follow these simple suggestions the happier you are with yourself.  The happier you are with yourself the better you treat others.  The better you treat others, the better they treat you and... ... ... 

However, there is one I forgot to put down: 
  • There are jerks in this world (the trick is to learn to ignore them,  forgive them and try not to be like them).
I DID SAY IT WOULDN'T BE EASY.  Lord knows I haven't mastered them.  But I try!  I really try! 


  1. As women, we always try to help everyone else first. But sometimes we need help. So I've always tried to live by the adage "Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend" When in doubt - what would you advise your best friend, then you do it! Take care of yourself, the rest will fall in place.

  2. This made for really positive reading, Karen. You most CERTAINLY do not look your age at all... but I'd already told you that on your birthday post ;) and from your writing, I'd never have guessed you were 70.

    I'd say for sure longevity runs in your genes, with your Mom having reached a really good age and your Dad now 100! So, I'm pretty certain you're going to be lively and sprightly (I don't for a moment believe those cartoons apply to you!!!) for a great many years, still. I'm SO PLEASED you started blogging - the world would be a lot less fun without you sharing yourself!


    Des xo

  3. Oh and BTW - I'm 56 and I can't do all you do with your blog!!!

    Also, really enjoyed the 'flashing' life cycle cartoon, today :) I'm not even going to try to understand how you got that uploaded!

  4. Lol...I turned 25 a few months ago and I felt old....already. I am going through a confusing personal and professional life. This post of yours just made me think of what an ungrateful person I have been. You are so young at your age and this article makes me feel all energetic, motivated and determined for a better outlook! Thanks a lot!

  5. I love this, and yes I live near Palm Springs!

  6. Truly inspiring. It's something that I needed to read right now. I helps knowing that someone else wants to do good, but also has visions of making others heads explode out of annoyance...LOL.

    I also noticed that we are fellow Aquarians. My birthday was on the 8th. I hope you had a good one.

  7. I love your chart, really love it. It is such an accurate depiction of my day. I always wonder what women surgeons do after a certain age. "I know I cut you open for some reason..."

  8. Thank you so much for popping on over to my blog yesterday & for leaving me all the pointers necessary to upload 'fancy' gadgets :) I'm unlikely to attempt it, though, Karen - I enjoy experiencing it all on your blog!


    Des xo

  9. What a positive post Karen. I have to say that I laughed alot at the cartoons, I find I'm reading a lot of age related cartoons on Birthday cards now and giggling hopelessly at them...maybe I'm preparing myself. I loved your guidelines to getting through it all especially the sneaky prune one.
    I have to say that until you divulged your age I would never have put you down as 70. See, you are living proof that age is just a number.
    Now I missed your fabulous post about your Dad yesterday so I am about to read it.

  10. It's so neat that you have a positive outlook on age, when most people don't.

    And no, the professionally insane part isn't schizophrenia :P lol