Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is the only picture I have of us.  As you
                 can tell we had a very close relationship (he is the one in
                the hat and I am the one with the stringy hair at the back).
           I was 9, he was 10 and we spent a lot of time looking at
 comic books together.   

All of us face many small and large disappoint-ments throughout our life.  However, when a teenager, these disappoint-ments become “end of the world” type events.

One such disappointment happened to me the summer before my junior year in high school.  I had been writing to my child hood sweetheart for a couple of years, but I had not seen him since we were pre teens.

His letters were so sweet and I thought (no I knew) I WAS I in love with him.  So, that fateful summer I visited my relatives in Missouri with every intention of declaring my undying love for him and throwing myself into his arms.  After all, the senior picture of him was gorgeous and I had been touting his MANY fine attributes to my friends.

I took a train from my grandmother's house to the train station in Kansas city where he was going to meet me.  I was all dressed up in a white suit, my hair was piled on top of my head (as was the style at the time) and I had on high heels.  I had done my best to look like Betty Grable, but in fact I Probably looked more like Doris Day. 
   He wasn’t there when I first arrived so I took a seat in the main terminal, I saw him as he entered the main door and knew immediately that there was a problem.  You see, most of the people walking by towered over him.  I nervously watched him approach and then I stood up.  My chin came to the top of his head.
  Call me shallow, but I fell out of love so fast that when heart hit my feet my arches hurt.  I was sure I was going to pass out.  Quickly, I said, “Boy do my feet hurt,” and slipped out of my shoes.  Nope, didn’t help much. 
Nope, not even for Tom!
I developed a sudden attack of severe curvature of the spine. Dropping my shoulders I did my best imitation of Quasimodo.  Nope, only lost another inch.
You see, he had stopped growing at around 5 foot. I was over 5’6” tall and very slender which made me appear taller (not to mention the hair that extended upward another 5 inches).
What had started out as a romantic meeting of two teenagers destined for true love turned into an embarrassing moment that sent me into shock.  Neither one of us could just turn around and walk away.  I was supposed to be staying with his mother and sister for the weekend; and then my parents were to pick me up.
It was an embarrassing situation, but we both got through it somehow. You would have thought he could have mentioned his Lilliputian tendencies in one of his many letters.   Men!  I had a lot to learn.

I HAVE HAD IT, TRYING TO GET THE PARAGRAPHS TO INDENT PROPERLY.  I KEEP HAVING ALL KINDS OF MECHANICAL PROBLEMS ON THIS THING (C.R.A.P at work again).  SO, IT'S POSTING, AS IS!      kt 3/2011                                                                                                                           


  1. Karen, any perceived lack of indentations here went completely unnoticed by me! I was totally captivated by this bitter/sweet highly entertaining, wonderfully well written story!!!!

    I wish I could give you a great BIG hug, for the grin you've planted on right across my face right now. I loved this, on its own merits, but also because I could identify so fully! I was also tall and always conscious of this, checking out any 'dates' for height issues...amazingly, it always seemed to be the 'short' ones who seemed attracted to me, until I thankfully met my husband...mind you, he just made the grade at not quite 3 inches taller than I (I'd always dreamt of TALL, dark and handsome - he had the dark and handsome down pat, but could have been a bit taller, I thought! ;) I used to 'eye' our reflection in the shop windows when we first started dating, just to be sure! One of the advantages of getting old(er) is that I've been shrinking and he's (thankfully!) still the same height, so we've really reached the perfect height difference now :) Took a while to get there!!!

  2. What a great story. I'm short (5 ft 2) but the story captures young love and what images we create about our 'intended'.

    Regarding any mechanical problems - just publish and forget. We all understand and love to read your stories. So never worry about any paragraphs, etc.

  3. Heeeehehehehe, what a wonderful read!! Most of us have gone through somethin' like that so we can identify!!! Love it so much I didn't even notice and indention problems.

    Girl ya shoulda just kept quiet...we wouldn't of been the wiser.

    BTW: Some of the sayings I use just pop into my head...I run and write them down before I forget 'em...I'm old. Others I have heard 'round these parts all my life. Some were from my Granny Walden who spoke in sayin's!!! Your right brain is a very scary place to be. Ya otta live in it!!! :o)

  4. What a neat story!!

    I didn't even notice the mechanical problems!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. Funny you mention your indentation issues, because I never bother to indent my paragraphs on my blog.

    I love this story and I wish to share a couple of experiences of my own.

    First, I am 5'9 and I always wanted to be 5'10, not only would I never slump to appear shorter, but I used to wear stilettos when I was young.

    I never really cared if someone was taller or shorter, but I have dated far more guys exactly my height and even a couple shorter. In fact, the couple I dated taller, I was always uncomfortable with the whole stretching on tiptoe and him hunching down just to embrace. But, I digress...

    Now, when I was in 7th and 8th grade, I was best friends with a neighbor boy and also secretly just head over heels for him.

    We spent all of our time together. He was popular, cute and sporty. I was unpopular, nerdy and painfully clumsy. It was perfect.

    Then, military life called and we were separated. We did not keep in touch. I am really a lousy person about that sort of thing.

    Flash forward to 11th grade. I am tall, thin and very pretty (if I do say so). I am very confident and not at all what was considered nerdy or unpopular. In fact, boys were TOO interested.

    Color me surprised when one day I ran smack into my former best friend and love. I knew it was him because he looked exactly the same. Exactly. The poor kid never grew. At 17 he was lucky to be 5'1 and he now wore glasses and was very introverted. Puberty had been unkind.

    Unfortunately, he rebuffed every one of my efforts to renew our friendship. At the time, I was hurt, but now I realize he was probably hyper-aware of our role-reversal and couldn't deal. A shame.

    More recently, internet dating has introduced me to a plethora of creeps, but none as bad as the one guy that I communicated with for months, online and by phone, before meeting.

    We had exchanged pictures and he seemed very interested and just seemed like a nice, professional-type guy.

    So, we meet at a restaurant and I step out of the car and he looks at me with dismay and says, "Wow, you really are tall."

    He was my height, but as the date deteriorated, he confessed that he only liked girls much shorter than him. Oh, and women that were very submissive.

    I was tempted to kick him in the crotch then and there, but instead, I just left him with the check. Lol!

  6. I bet many people looking for love online at one of those matchmaking sites probably have gone through something like this.

  7. Hi Karen,

    I'm here from Carol's blog. She was absolutely right about you. I loved this post- it made me laugh out loud. I'll be back for more.

  8. Great yarn kiddo. Thanks for hanging with me when I was away.

  9. Yes, I too can associate with that story although you told it with your usual humorous flair. I lust after Tom Cruise (it's his smile that does it for me)and I'd be prepared to wear flat shoes and hunch all the time for his number?
    No, I didn't notice the indentation problem either...far too busy enjoying your story.

  10. I had to move away from the love of my life at the tender age of 15. I thought I would never get over it but after a few months I moved on and now I don't even remember his name. Actually, that's a lie. His name was Derek!