Friday, July 30, 2010

#6 DENIAL (part 1 of 3)

Ok, so there I stood with my left foot in the bathroom sink, washing the mud off.  I had been doing some light gardening in the front flowerbed and didn't want to take a shower yet, since I wasn't finished.

It didn't take much of an effort to get my foot up there after some minor (OK, MAJOR) assistance from my right and left hands  The problem became most evident when I tried to lift my foot out.  It had easily slipped down into the bowl when I releassed it, but coming back up out of the bowl was another thing altogether (or so I found).

I lifted and twisted, leaned and pulled, but the foot would not clear the rim of the bowl.  I stood there for a few seconds assessing the problem and contemplating possible solutions.

If I called (or rather yelled) to my dad he probably wouldn't hear me.  If he did hear me he would simply answer, "WHAT?" each time I called.  And even if he did finally figure out that I needed him, how on earth would a 98 year old man be of any help?  The first thing he would do is laugh (I know he would).  The second thing that might happen, if he helped, would end up with the both of us in a pile on the floor.

No, this won't do.  Must come up with other alternatives.

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