Friday, July 30, 2010

#5 I'VE GOT ANTS (part 5 of 5)

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The Finale (and you are thinking...finally).

Before starting the "smashing" campaign I wrote out a Bill of Promises for the ants:
     1.  I will not squeal out, "DIE, YOU B..." (or whatever) as I squash
     2.  I will not smile and enjoy the process.
     3.  If ants are still wiggling after the smashing maneuver I will go
          in for a second smash and put it out  of its misery.
     4.  I will give ants showing bravery, exceptional evasive moves,
          or other enterprising traits a chance to go outside.
     5.  I will keep my counters as clean as humanly possible so as
          not to tempt ants (yeah, right!).

Funny thing though, before I could finish writing the diatribe, I saw an ant sitting on the top of the lidded ketchup bottle.  It appeared to be surveying what I was writing.  I gave her (because all worker ants are female, that must be why they are so successful) time to finish reading and said, "Well, what do you think?"  I watched the small creature march down the ketchup bottle, up my pen, and onto my finger (poor thing must have been near sighted).  I briefly considered that it might actually be trying to communicate with me.  NO!  COULDN'T BE......... then I quickly put her outside. 

Now, before you call me crazy (ok, I know you have already thought that several times) let me tell you thet I no longer have an over supply of ants.  Once in a while a rogue ant will race across the table or the counter.  But they are no longer here in mass.

Think what you want but, I am here to tell you that ANTS HAVE LEARNED TO READ.  We humans had best be careful how we treat them because THEY could GET EVEN!

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