Monday, August 9, 2010


I was before HER!
On August 4th I was returning from a visit to see my daughter in Connecticut.  It so happens that there were several storms
in the Midwest and flights were being delayed all over the place.  The Plane I was on left one hour late.

I arrived in Chicago, (my first stop) to change planes.  However, after a mad dash to the end of a different concourse I find that the plane I was supposed to catch had just pushed off.

The ticket agent informed that there was another plane going to Kansas City TWO concourses over, and, I had to hurry.   
So, I raced back past the concourse where I disembarked and headed for the next one.  Of course each gate was 
                                                       located at the end of each of these concourses.

Winded, and already suffering from shin splints, I limped up to the counter.  The agent finished with the person he was helping and asked me if I needed to be ticked for this plane (which was already boarding). 

I plopped my old ticket down and struggled to utter, "Uh Huh."  Suddenly, the lady standing a couple of feet to my left  exploded and went into a loud verbal assault that got the attention of everyone within 100 yards.

“I was before HER!” she screamed, and pushed in beside me.   She railed on (and on) about how she had been waiting for FOUR HOURS for her flight., was going to report him, etc. 

I asked her to calm down (and made a few outer mild comments aimed at disarming her) and she directed her ire at me.  You see SHE was from the “STATE DEPARTMENT” and required immediate attention (which ended up being an inane question).

I stepped back, gestured toward the counter and said, “Please, go ahead.  I am a Lieutenant on the Kansas City Police Department and I can use the time to contact my watch commander to inform him that YOU are on the way to our FAIR city.”

She froze there for a minute.  

The agent kept his head down but I could see there was a slight up turn at the corners of his mouth.   After she left he looked up at me and asked, “Are you really a police officer?”

I answered, “Not even close.  But, wasn’t that fun!”  He laughed and finished my ticket.

Come back next week for "RECIPE FOR DISASTER!"

kt 8/4/2010


  1. Love it. I've done something like this before when I lived in Dallas. Here we go...

    Well, I was running late and needed to pick up something at the grocery store. Of course, it was packed, hot as hell out side and I couldn't find a parking spot. So, being the 20-something year old handicapped spots. I was nervous to do this, but I was late! So as I got out of my car and rounded the back of it, some lady starts yelling at me that I don't have a handicap sticker and that I don't look handicapped.

    So, when my mouth opened I started talking like a deaf person and said, in a very mufelled voice, "I'm sorry, I'm deaf and couldn't read your lips. Can you please stand in front of me and repeat what you said?".

    Needless to say she was speechless and just walked off. So, I ran quickly into the store, got what I needed and got the heck out of there.

    Lesson learned...don't park in the handicapped section unless you're really quick with comebacks.

  2. sorry for the type o's