Sunday, August 15, 2010

#20-FRIDAY FLASH BACKS (Recipe for Disaster)

                                           1 accident-prone Master Disaster Designer
                                               1 nightgown on disaster designer
                                               1 - 3 matches
                                               1 small (tattered) American Flag in need of disposal

                                                              approximately 60 seconds

1.  Take all ingredients out the back door (because it is early and you are still in your nightgown).
2.  Strike the match, let wind blow it out.  Strike another 2 matches at the same time.
3.  Hold the matches to lowest corner of the flag (that is dangling from your fingertips).
4.  Hold the burning flag out in front of you.
5.  Realize that eventually the flames will burn your hand.
6.  Quickly look around for options (as to where you can lay the flag).
7.  Drop your right arm (the one extending the burning flag) a little bit as you look around.
8.  Feel heat on your leg.
9.  Look down to see your nightgown on fire (just below the knee).
10.  Drop the burning flag.
11.  Brush the flames (on the gown) out with your hand.
12.  Discover the burned flag remnants are made of something that sticks to your fingers (and leg).
13.  Scrape the goop off your burning fingers with a fingernail on your left hand.
14.  Transfer molten flag remnant to fingernail of left hand.
15.  Watch fingernail melt as goop cools.
16.  Shake you head at your stupidity as you enter the house.
17.  Put burn salve on the small round burn in your leg and on two burned fingers of your right hand.
19.  Watch the white blister forming on the end of your ring finger.
20.  Cut the end of the melted fingernail on your left hand.
21.  Sit down in your recliner and ponder the burned hole in your favorite nightgown.
22.  Give thanks to God that your nightgown was flame RESISTANT.
23.  Smile to yourself as you realize that this fiasco is perfect fodder for your next blog.

kt 2010 


  1. Now please enlighten us as to exactly WHY you had this sudden complusion to dispose of your tattered flag in this particular manner??? That's what I'm trying to get my head around!

  2. Oh that was so funny, sorry. I laughed out loud. Hope your leg and fingers are recovering :-)

  3. Hey Desiree - that's the correct way to dispose of an old tattered American flag. But you're not supposed to burn yourself while doing it. Only those with able hands are supposed to do this chore, not the looney ones. Hee hee

  4. So glad you cleared up my flag query, Karen. I was actually under the impression that to burn a flag was considered treasonous in most countries and now I know that in the USA to toss it on to the trash heap is sacrilegious ;)