Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Waiting for the family to emerge from the service.
OCTOBER 30, 2010:  I would like to tell you about the amazing show of love and patriotism, I have ever witnessed.  Sure there have been large rallies in big cities but little 'ole' Lamar, Missouri only has a population of 4,500 or so.  And, today, in this little sleepy town (the birthplace of Harry S. Truman) about 5,000 people came to show their respect for Private First Class Dylan Reid and his family.  Both sides of the highway were lined for two blocks (4-8 deep) most carrying a United States flag. 

Dylan was a 24 year old soldier who died in Iraq.  Unfortunately some “crack pots”  intended to demonstrate against the war at his funeral.  I guess they thought this was going to be a piece of cake because only around 7 showed up.  They were more than overshadowed by the gigantic crowd.

The Patriot Guard was here and numbered about 200.   Each one had a large United States flag.  They disbursed themselves strategically around the funeral home and highway.  When the protestors showed up, the riders  took positions in front of them and covered their signs with FLAGS (their wall of protection).  Mannnnn, I was so proud.  The “crack pots” only stayed for about a half an hour and then left.  I guess they underestimated this little ole town.

After the demonstrators left the supporting crowd (which was still growing in number) gathered around the funeral home and walled it in.  When the family and casket came out the silence was overwhelming. The feelings of love and respect were emanating from every direction. 

It was exceptionally moving to see Dylan’s wife come out carrying their 1-month-old child.   Of course the flag was draped over the casket.  Flags were presented to 3 different individuals in the family grouping.  The gun salute was chilling and the whole ceremony outside on the front lawn of the funeral home was an emotional experience.   In the quiet of the sunny afternoon you could hear people sniffling and see tears if not flowing then glistening in almost every eye.

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