Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The keys to success
I LIKE WORDS:  I like the sound of them not necessarily their meanings.

For example: echolalia, remonstrance, truculent, demonstrative, hullabaloo, onomatopoeia, unctuous, preposterous, meshuggah, amuck, asinine, fatuous, tomfoolery, obtuse, sagacious, solicitous, voracious, amenable, lackadaisical, languid, lassitude, ludicrous (I particularly like L words), quirky, aberrant, phantasmagoric, salient, idiosyncratic, sinuous, just to name a few.

Now guess how many of these words are related to the word, "CRAZY?" (5)
And, while I am at it, guess how any of these words had red lines under them before I did a spell check (that would be most of them)?

As we all know there are a number of words that can be synonyms (or near synonyms) for crazy.  I wonder what that says about our society?  

For example: aberrant, abnormal, absurd, addled, addlepated, airhead, balmy, bananas, bats, batty, birdbrain, bizarre, bizarro, bonkers, certifiable,  cuckoo, cracked, crackers,  daft, daffy, delusional, demented,  dolt, eccentric,  fanciful, farcicalfar-out, fool, freaky, goofy, haywire,  implausible, inconceivable, idiot, insane,  jug-head,  kookylaughable,  looney, loopy, ludicrous,  meshuggah,  nonsensical, nutty,  off-beat, off-kilter, off-the-wall, one brick shy of a load, odd,  outréoutlandishpeculiar, psycho, psychotic, preposterous, queer,  quirky,  ridiculous., scatty, screwy, spaced-out, strange, teched, unbalanced, unhinged, unsound, unreal,  wild, wacko, wacky, way-out, weird, wigged-out, witless.   I GIVE UP....CAN YOU THINK OF ANY MORE?
More importantly, there are words I "LOVE" and try to live by.  They can be found in the BIBLE.



  1. These words are so funny - imagine trying to create a poem with, say, 8 of them. And the poem has to have words that rhyme!

  2. I'm going to go with: all of them, and all of them.