Saturday, December 4, 2010


"Ok, I have a page all set up and waiting for you," Say I to myself as I move through the many help pages and try to figure things out.  I know any minute now I will stumble into "C.R.A.P." (Computer Related Attacks by Poltergeists).

Example #2 :when I tried to post #36 one paragraph posted where it belonged and the rest (3 paragraphs) posted 52 pages later!  When I went to the published post I couldn't believe it when I paged down for about a minute before I got to the end. (See example #1 on blog #48).

Example #3:  I was cleaning up my desktop and Macintosh HD window when somehow things disappeared.  I looked for them (some of my blog 1st drafts) everywhere found some in the trash found others in unexpected places.  Some I still haven't found.  I didn't put this stuff there.  Now, when I post I can't n get into my regular files the normal way.  I have to detour to all kinds of places in order to import anything!  C.R.A.P. again!

Example #4:  I purchased a computer camera and down loaded Skype so I can talk to my granddaughter who is stationed in Korea.  No problem, worked great.  Then one day she called and immediately started pointing to her ears and started shaking her head no.  She was not receiving my audio.  Diagnostics showed I was not sending audio.  I had not changed ANYTHING.  I logged onto help, went through a wide variety of computer calisthenics  and got no where.  I had to trash everything having to do with Skype and start from scratch.  It worked!  However, 3 months later it happened again.  C.R.A.P.

Has anyone out there had the same kind of problems?  Please write me and let me know.  There might be a C.R.A.P. virus or something going around!  Really!


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  1. C.R.A.P.
    I love it, Karen. I hope you're enjoying writing these pieces as much as I (and many others I'm sure) enjoy reading them. Keep at it. Maybe one day you can print them out, bind them and PRESTO! You've got a best seller on your hands.