Monday, December 6, 2010


(11/25/2010)  My grandson, Logan is a real character.  He is what one might call a high-energy kid (therefore high maintenance).   He is in first grade now and he cracks me up all the time.  This kid is always noisy, always very active, and always silly.

Today I called my daughter to wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I got to talk with both of the kids.  Shay (2nd grade) is all reserved and lady like.  A real sweetheart but, getting information from her is like pulling a cat through a knowhole backwards.  She usually answers my questions with one word answers like,  "Good,"  or  "Fine," or "Uh Huh."   When asked what she was thankful for and she gave me the funny up and down sound of a slurred I don't know.  However, she finally told me she was thankful for her dogs.

When Logan came to the phone he was all bubbly, as usual.  I asked him what he was thankful for and he reeled off a long list of things.  Then he paused and said, “Wait, I’m thankful for my blood, too!”  Of course this caused me to break into laughter and prompted a memory of something that happened a year or so ago. 

THE MEMORY: You see, Logan is always one minute away from a bump, scrape, or whatever.  One day I receive a call from my daughter who had to hide in her office so Logan couldn’t hear her laughing while she told me what had just happened.  

Apparently, Logan was not being careful at the kitchen table (no surprise there).  He was leaning the chair back on two legs.  My daughter was in her office and heard a loud crash (not unusual when Logan’s around).  But, what WAS unusual is she heard him wailing these words, “I’m dying!  I’m dying!”

Patty sprinted into the kitchen and found Logan lying on the floor, his chin tucked into his neck and his hands desperately clutching this area.  Blood was running from between his fingers.  He was still saying over and over, "I'm dying!" 

Trying not to panic, Patty pried his fingers away to see what the damage was.  She was relieved to find that he had only hit his chin on a stair step but the wound was bleeding profusely.

Now, here’s the clincher.  Logan''s tear filled limpid eyes looked up into his mother’s concernface and said, "I love you Mommie, I’m going to miss you.”  He plaintfully reiterated this several times.

While administering quick first aid Patty tried to convenience him that he was not going to die.  Shay, being quite the tooper, was already at her mother’s side helping.  The two of them took Logan to the hospital for stitches (not the first and probably not the last).  

At the hospital his wonderful Aunt Debbie met them and put in several stitches.  Then she sent him on his way with a belly full of candy called Sweedish Fish (that ought to calm him down!).

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  1. He is a riot. Fun for everyone but the parents - he must scare them to death at times.