Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This blog is about my (not so new any more) puppy TOTALLY TUBULAR TOBY.  I promised to tell you why Toby, has been banned from the bathrooms in my house.  However, I can't begin to explain, in words, what this picture shows:
This little squirt has decided that toilet paper rolls are "the bomb."  One day I was in the den when I heard a funny thrumming sound.  I turned in time to see Toby sprinting though the kitchen with the end of the toilet paper roll in his mouth.  He was running like a bat out of hell,his ears were flying, and his toenails were clicking on the floor.  The unusually strong TP just reeled on out.   I hollered 'TOBY, NO!" But, he flew into the front room still clutching his prize.  By the time I caught him the entire roll had been strung throughout the kitchen and front room.  I couldn't find my camera, but as luck (if you want to call it that) would have it he did it again.  Only, this time I thought to stop the unraveling before the whole role was exhausted, grabbed my camera, and caught the little bugger making confetti out of his new toy.  While I was taking the picture he abandoned his prize and headed back into the bathroom to grab the end of what was left and he took off again.  I was not about to let him continue with his new game so I started keeping the doors shut to the bathrooms.

That worked until my grandson came by and used the restroom.  As I heard him leave I yelled from the front room, "Be sure and close..." but, before I could finish my sentence I heard the thrumming noise and then saw Toby busting around the corner headed to the front room.  I swear he was smiling!  When he saw me he screeched to an abrupt halt, then bolted to the right and into the hall.  And, there went another roll of TP.  Now, I have to keep the rolls up on the sink.  Hopefully he will out grow this game soon.  However, I notice he still checks the empty spindle frequently, then looks up at me as if to say, "killjoy!"

But that is not the end of the TP saga.  My son came by and while he was here used the restroom.  Being a nice helpful guy he took the roll from the sink and installed it on the spindle.  I didn't realize what had happened until I heard the thrummmmmmmmm  and another roll bit the dust.  Now, I have EVERYONE on full alert.  Toby is a force to be reckoned with!

Toby, helps me with a lot of things like:......
........checking for boogie men under my bed......
..........cleaning up for me while he is under there......
.........he helps me make my bed......
..........helps me get undressed..........
..........fetches my clothes..........
..........picks up the trash..........
......and would help dry the dishes if he could get that dang hand towel down.....
..........keeps me company when I'm blogging..........
..........and lets me know when it is time to stop..........
He is already well trained because he will do ANYTHING for food.  He will come when I say, "Toby, come!"  He will sit when I say, "Toby, sit!" Right now we are working on, "Toby, stay!"  See:

Awh, mannnnn, where'd he go?   "Toby, come!"
(By the way, the above is my "Runaway Rug."  See #97 to if you don't know what I am talking about). 

Next Tuesday will feature Toby and some of his TOBYISMS.


  1. 1st he's a little devil
    2nd he's adorable - so cute and cuddly.
    3rd use a spray bottle with water - whenever he touches something (Important: don't say anything) Just squirt. Then keep a bottle near you for a week.

  2. He is just so darn cute!!!

    (And I was irritated on my post because people don't realize what I realize)

    A lot of my giveaway items are given to me as gifts, or I find them!

  3. great photos, Karen, he is a sweet dog.

  4. lol...he seems like a very very obedient good dog...:)

  5. Hi Karen!

    I read this post yesterday and left quite a lengthy comment at the time, but I'm disappointed to see the gremlins/poltergeists have visited again and deleted my comment :(

    Anyway, I'd returned, today, especially to say how wonderfully I'd thought you'd written this piece! It was so descriptive, that when I was in bed last night, your Toby was rushing about in my dreams unravelling toilet rolls :) and I just wanted to tell you what an impact your writing had on me. It was like a video recording playing itself out in front of my eyes!

    He's a beautiful pup and clearly full of the joys of life! And keeping his Mum young and fit and on her toes 24/7!

  6. Ah that's a very cute puppy, do you use Andrex tp by any chance? If you're in the states you may not have heard of it, but they use a labrador puppy in their ads who does the same as Toby :-)

  7. Just little ole me marking where I left off with the entries for the giveaway.